WH, NBC News Battle over Obamacare Delay Reports

WH, NBC News Battle over Obamacare Delay Reports

On Wednesday evening, NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams opened his program by breaking the news that the Obama Administration was planning to move back the deadline for purchasing health insurance under the individual mandate by six weeks. Reporter Tom Costello said, “The White House tells NBC News it plans to move the deadline for individuals to be required to buy health insurance by as much as six weeks. As the law stands now, to avoid a tax penalty the uninsured need to start the process by February 15th. With this change the administration is trying to allow people to start the enrollment process by March 31st to avoid any financial penalty.”But the White House soon fired back by calling the NBC report inaccurate. White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest quickly tweeted:

Dan Pfeiffer, assistant to the President, then got into the act, tweeting:

Suzy Khimm of MSNBC then tweeted back:

So as of Wednesday evening, the story seems to be that Americans will still be penalized on March 31 if they do not have health insurance, but that they can now obtain insurance up to March 31 rather than February 15 to avoid penalty.

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