Winners and Losers: ObamaCare Exposes the 'Soylent Green Liberals'

Winners and Losers: ObamaCare Exposes the 'Soylent Green Liberals'

***UPDATE: Josh Barro strikes:

Barro’ s playing dumb and obviously didn’t bother to click the last link in this piece.

In the 1973 near-classic sci-fi film “Soylent Green,” the year is 2022 and everything the left has always wished for has come to fruition. In this society, The Few control The Many, assisted suicide is all the rage, and The Many are reassured by their townhouse-living technocrat overlords that the bulldozers dispersing their free speech and the soylent green that feeds them is all… for the greater good.

Although there were many advance warnings, now that it is too late, America is learning that under ObamaCare there are losers — millions of them — and almost all among the working and middle class. Up to 20 million will lose the insurance President Obama reassured them they could keep, and as the cost of premiums and deductibles spike, they will find their health care choices limited. But the only reaction to this human carnage from America’s “Soylent Green Liberals” is that it is all… for the greater good.

To be fair, the left’s Josh Barros and Ezra Kleins and Ryan Lizzas do not literally use bulldozers against those who protest the government, at least not yet. Instead they bulldoze us with colorful graphs, chirpy pie charts, and cold, robotic logic. And the math always works out to where we must ignore the rights and protections of the smallest and most vulnerable minority — the individual — to serve society at large.

Below is the latest example of our Soylent Green Liberals at work, a soothing pie chart that reduces millions to a small sliver of 3%. No one really believes that, once the ObamaCare dust settles, those betrayed by their president will be anywhere near as small at 3%, but isn’t this chart reassuring? Don’t you feel better just looking at it?

And just like soylent green, it is only made possible if you grind up millions of real, living people:


But here is a glimpse of the real Soylent Green Liberal. When Ezra Klein is not wearing his geeky, aw-shucks mask, the man is pure mercenary:

One wonders if the Barros, Kleins, Lizzas, and legions on the left who ape their bloodless talking points, watch “Soylent Green” and wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, in the film, the planet is overpopulated and warming — you know, just like today! So of course a few must be sacrificed to serve the many — and of course the only ones qualified to choose who “the losers” should be are the cold-hearted technocrats who also happen to be Obama’s favorites.



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