Washington Post Calls Obama's Organizing for Action 'Non-Partisan'

Washington Post Calls Obama's Organizing for Action 'Non-Partisan'

Barack Obama’s former political campaign can hardly be called “non-partisan.” Nonetheless, the Washington Post has somehow decided that Organizing for Action, the Obama advocacy group his campaign morphed into, is just that.

A Philip Rucker puff piece in the Post’s political section lauds OFA’s new propaganda effort to “showcase personal health care testimonials.” The paper had an interesting way of describing the former Obama campaign group.

“Organizing for Action, the non-profit and non-partisan advocacy group that grew out of Obama’s reelection campaign,” the Post says, “is launching a new Web site, complete with videos and interactive maps, to showcase personal testimonials from those enrolled in the new health care exchanges.”

How an organization that grew out of the campaign of one of the most partisan presidents in American history, an organization geared specifically to “organize for action,” to push that President’s initiatives and raise money for him and his causes, can be deemed a “non-partisan advocacy group” is anybody’s guess.

It is fitting that only the day before, in the very same newspaper, the Washington Post’s Eric Wemple published a story taking the media to task for a lack of transparency, a penchant for making major mistakes while pretending they didn’t, and a propensity for concealing their motives for such actions.

In light of Wemple’s column, one wonders if Philip Rucker would be transparent enough to admit he is simply repeating the partisan Obama group’s press releases as if they were news.


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