Climate Skeptics Clean Up at International Blog Awards

Climate Skeptics Clean Up at International Blog Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 Bloggies – the web’s longest-running blog awards, as voted for by readers all around the world.

Here’s a curious thing: no fewer than seven of the category winners are prominent climate skeptics.

They are:

Best European Weblog, Winner: Tallbloke’s Talkshop

Best Weblog About PoliticsWinnerThe Global Warming Policy Foundation

Best Topical Weblog ,WinnerClimate Audit

Best Group or Community Weblog, Winner:  Watts Up With That?

Lifetime Achievement,  WinnerJoNova

Weblog of the YearWinner: Watts Up With That?

Best Canadian Weblog Winner: Small Dead Animals

Now perhaps this would be less remarkable if, say, the Bloggies were sponsored by the Koch Brothers in association with Exxon, the Heartland Institute and Big Evil. But as far as can be determined they are in fact just an independent awards which have been running since 2001 and which are voted for freely by ordinary members of the public.

What makes the victory of so many climate skeptics so much more remarkable still, is that for this year’s awards the organizers stacked the odds against them by removing the category in which they had previously done well, Science and Tech.

Given how organized the environmental left is – and how particularly adept it is at galvanizing its Orcish hordes to rig the vote in competitions like this – it seems extraordinary that climate skeptics should have prevailed.

Could it perhaps be that this vote more accurately reflects where most ordinary people are on “climate change” than the hysterical scaremongering that gets served up daily in the legacy media?


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