Juan Williams Wants a Gun-Free America Because of Fort Hood

Juan Williams Wants a Gun-Free America Because of Fort Hood

On April 5th, appearing on Fox Business Network’s Cashin’ In, Juan Williams reacted to Army Spc. Ivan Lopez’s heinous crime at Fort Hood by saying he wants “America to be a gun-free zone.”

Host Eric Bolling opened the segment by listing people with mental problems who have gone on killing sprees during the last two years–including Lopez on April 2nd. 

He then asked Jonathan Hoenig to comment on this situation. Hoeing said:

Well, Eric, these tragedies don’t come about because of the availability of guns but because of the mental health of a couple of real monsters. I mean, no one goes on a killing rampage simply because there’s a gun around. They go on it because they’re seriously disturbed, seriously deranged people. In fact, I happen to think that more guns–the more widespread availability of guns in movie theaters, on military bases, in schools–could actually stop some of these madmen before they were able to kill as many people as they did.

Bolling turned to Juan Williams and said one of the points Hoenig brought up “is gun-free zones, which are target-rich environments.” Bolling then listed the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Fort Hood as gun-free zones. He asked, “Is it time to stop with the gun-free zones?”

Williams responded, “No, I think we need America to be a gun-free zone … and I’m amused that you guys are so quick to run away from the easy availability of guns as having some responsibility in all of these tragedies.”

On December 4th, Breitbart News reported on a Congressional Research study showing that as the number of firearms in America increased dramatically–from 192 million firearms in 1994 to 310 million firearms in 2009–crime fell sharply. So sharply, in fact, that by 2011, the “firearm-related murder and non-negligent homicide” rate had fallen to less than half of what it was in 1993. 

There were far more guns, yet there were far fewer “firearm-related murders.”

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