Interest in MSNBC's Ratigan Highlights CNN's Move Left

Interest in MSNBC's Ratigan Highlights CNN's Move Left

Mediabistro reports that Dylan Ratigan, a left-wing anchor who exited MSNBC in 2012, is in the running for a new show on the embattled cable news network CNN. Ratigan shot a test pilot for the left-wing network Wednesday night.

In late 2011, Breitbart News uncovered emails that showed Ratigan working with and helping to organize Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy was a left-wing anarchist/socialist group that would go on to earn endorsements from top-level Democrats, including Barack Obama, while being connected to over 400 acts of lawlessness.

CNN’s apparent interest in Ratigan confirms what many believe is an attempt by the network to move further to the left in the hopes of scooping up MSNBC’s viewers.

Under the year-long stewardship of Jeff Zucker, CNN has been caught using its network to openly promote anti-gun legislation. There has also been a noticeable uptick in the network’s partisan campaigns against Christians and Republicans.


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