New York Mag, Media Matters Knives Still Out for Lara Logan

New York Mag, Media Matters Knives Still Out for Lara Logan

After CBS News reporter and “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan admitted her report on the September 11, 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was “wrong,” she took a leave of absence. That was back in November. Now the media elite are firing at her with both barrels in the obvious hope she not be allowed to return.

Media Matters is leading the day with an attack on Logan, which dovetails perfectly with a mammoth 6400-word Sunday New York Magazine hit that goes well beyond the Libya story to attack Logan personally on multiple fronts. She is accused of using her former-swimsuit model looks for career advantage and defying her superiors to take dangerous physical risks in war zones and Middle East countries.

New York Magazine also claims that Logan knew CBS chief Les Moonves had her back and that she would use that to threaten the jobs of colleagues who got in her way.

At the same time, Logan has won a fistful of awards for her fearless war reporting. The 43-year-old became a household name in 2011 during the Egyptian Revolution when she was beaten and sexually assaulted during the protests while working as a correspondent.  

Logan has been openly critical of the Obama Administration’s claims that al Qaeda is on the run. “I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated, ” she said during a speech in November of 2012.

By her own account, Logan blew it with the “60 Minutes” Benghazi report. By accident or design, Media Matters and the New York Magazine are working in tandem to ensure she is never given a second chance.

UPDATE: New York Magazine was misidentified as New Yorker


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