Ratings: Another Brutal Week for CNN

Ratings: Another Brutal Week for CNN

With the missing Malaysian airliner story petering out, left-wing CNN has returned to its usual posture of beating up Republicans and obsessing over identity politics (race, sexuality). As was the case before CNN could exploit the tragedy of the missing plane, this type of shallow, biased programming is pulling CNN into the basement.

Second place MSNBC beat CNN last week. This week, MSNBC came close to humiliating CNN.

During the week of May 5

MSNBC averaged 322,000 total day viewers. CNN could only drum up 296,000.

MSNBC averaged 502,000 primetime viewers. CNN cratered with only 347,000.

In all of cable, MSNBC placed 30th in primetime and 31st in total day.

CNN thudded at 41st and 36th, respectively.

As usual, Fox News humiliated both networks beating them combined in both total day and primetime viewership, 906,000 and 1.363 million, respectively. In all of cable, Fox News ranked seventh.  


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