Poll: Fox Trounces CNN, Humiliates MSNBC as Most Trusted

Poll: Fox Trounces CNN, Humiliates MSNBC as Most Trusted

A new poll should have the minions at the left-wing, Soros-funded, tax-exempt, union-busting Media Matters scrambling for a rewrite at the drawing board for it shows that Fox News is the most trusted name in all of news and the left-wing MSNBC is the least trusted.

In a poll about a whole lot of things (religion, immigration, Obama) the Brookings Institution also surveyed 1538 adults about the news networks. When asked “which of the following news sources do you trust the most to provide accurate information about politics and current events?,” Fox News beat everyone with 25%. MSNBC landed dead last with a humiliating 5%. CNN came in well behind Fox with 17%. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” came in second to last with 8%

Fox News even beats the broadcast networks, which came in second with 23%

Independent voters also choose Fox News first and over MSNBC with a 26% to 4% margin. CNN sits at 16%. The broadcast networks, 17%.

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