James Carville: Hillary Clinton Has the 'Perfect Message' for 2016

James Carville: Hillary Clinton Has the 'Perfect Message' for 2016

Longtime Clinton flack James Carville is quite sure Hillary Clinton is the right candidate for president in 2016, and that now that she has finally found the “perfect message,” she is an even better candidate.

Basing his new–more intense–level of praise on the analysis of a left-wing blog, Carville said that Hillary Clinton “not only has the right message, she has the perfect message.”

“The best news for the Democratic Party right now, though, is that it appears the odds that Hillary Clinton will be running for president again are increasing,” Carville wrote ebulliently.

So what has Carville so excited this week? Mrs. Clinton claimed she will “grow the economy.” Now, Carville is sure that she will run on the idea of “finishing” Obama’s economic recovery.

“Forget about getting rich,” Carville reported that Clinton said during a recent speech. “I’m talking about getting into the middle class and staying there.”

“President Obama did not just help this economy during his administration; he saved it from unthinkable consequences,” Carville wrote approvingly. “If Obama saved the economy, Clinton will grow the economy–for everyone,” he asserted.

Coupling Obama’s “success” to Clinton’s new campaign platform is an interesting concept since in that very speech Clinton was perceived to be criticizing Obama and his stewardship of the country.

Perhaps Carville’s praise for someone who isn’t yet a candidate should not come as a surprise, as it comes from a pundit who, as early as last year, had joined the Super PAC pushing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

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