Cave: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Admits to CNN’s Muslim ‘No Go Zone’ Cover Up


Led by its left-wing media reporter Brian Stelter and anchor Wolf Blitzer, CNN spent two days this week gleefully bashing Fox News and Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal for doing the exact same thing CNN has been doing for two years: reporting on Muslim “no go zones” in Europe as fact. Wednesday night, under pressure from the Washington Post and others, primetime anchor Anderson Cooper did what Stelter and others at CNN have not yet shown the moral courage to do: end the hypocritical cover up:

“On Monday night on this program, we aired a report that was critical of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Fox News for continually saying that there were ‘no-go zones’ in England and elsewhere,” Cooper said. “I think if you’re going to point fingers at others’ mistakes, you should also acknowledge your own mistakes, and we didn’t do that on the program,” he added, without explaining why, if he felt that way, the show had not acknowledged CNN’s error when it reported FNC’s.

“In the wave of the Paris attacks, several guests on this program mentioned ‘no-go zones’ in France,” Cooper said. “I didn’t challenge them and twice referred to them as well. I should have been more skeptical,” he added, and promised he would not make the same mistake again.

Outside of CNN’s own reporting there is a wealth of evidence that these Muslim “no go zones” exist. Nevertheless, four times now Fox News has apologized on-air over the issue.

What’s striking, though, is that the left-wing CNN has only apologized once for 1) doing what Fox News did. 2) Trashing Fox News for doing what CNN did. 3) Trashing Jindal for doing what CNN did. 4) Covering up its own reporting of “no go zones” while trashing others for reporting the same.

Apparently, using lies to accuse others of racism (which is what this is really about) is now CNN’s default position. CNN’s Ferguson and George Zimmerman debacles were not mistakes. It is now pretty obvious that CNN’s editorial guidelines demand the hurling of accusations of racism before knowing any of the facts — before even going back and looking at CNN’s own reporting from just a few weeks ago.

Regardless, Cooper deserves credit for ending the cover up and fully disclosing CNN’s dishonest hypocrisy on this issue. Will Stelter, Blitzer, and others display the same integrity?


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