CNN’s Cuomo: Iran Letter From 47 GOP Senators Insinuates Obama’s a Muslim


While speaking to historian David Brinkley Tuesday, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went full-conspiracy theory against 47 Republican Senators. The left-wing New Day anchor openly suggested that the 47 GOP Senators used the letter as way to try and “mix in that Muslim angle” against Obama.

Cuomo’s insinuation was obvious and based on nothing more than his own paranoia and obvious anger at a group of Republicans who dared challenge President Obama.

The smear is based only on the idea that the letter was addressed to Iran and not all of the nations involved in the negotiations:

“I’m sure as historian you must have really enjoyed poring over this letter, there seems to be so much innuendo. For example, what you just said, this would only be an agreement against — between the president and the ayatollah. Kind of trying to mix in that Muslim angle in there also for portions of the American audience. when obviously the P5+1 would be all signatories and among them and the ayatollah probably would not” Cuomo stated.

A new poll shows that CNN earns more trust from Democrats than any other network, including MSNBC.

An anchor who disguises himself as unbiased and objective engaging in these kinds of racialist dogwhistles is the kind of disgraceful low MSNBC has yet to hit. Throwing this kind of cheap red meat to left-wing partisans is a sure way to steal MSNBC’s loyal left-wing audience. 

Cuomo did not return a request From Breitbart News to discuss his comments  on-the-record.


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