Face Plant: Jen Psaki Declines Invite to Board Chris Cuomo’s MuslimCrazyTrain


CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the New Day anchor who appears to be becoming more and more frantic in his desperate attacks against the Right, suffered an embarrassing face plant Thursday morning after State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki awkwardly declined Cuomo’s dual invitation to back up his bizarre racialist attack against 47 Republican Senators who, earlier this week, wrote a letter to Iran.

Just 24 hours earlier, the left-wing anchor attempted to insinuate that the 47 Senators were trying to “mix in that Muslim angle” against Obama as a racist dogwhistle for “portions of the American audience.” Cuomo, a proud member of President Obama’s Palace Guard, based this phantom racism only on the fact that the GOP letter was addressed to Iran’s ayatollah.

Other than being ignored by his guest, left-wing historian Douglas Brinkley, and laughed at by the Internet, Cuomo’s dishonest narrative went nowhere.

But when it comes to smearing their political enemies as racists, CNN chief Jeff Zucker, and his puppets like Cuomo, never say die. Quite predictably, Cuomo fired up his MuslimCrazyTrain Thursday morning and this time invited Psaki aboard.

The results were awkwardly exquisite as Psaki wisely avoided Cuomo’s fevered madness like a social disease:

CHRIS CUOMO: Let me ask you about one of the tactics that may have been employed in this letter; there’s a line in there that says, “Any agreement made would just be between President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei.” Do you think the Senators know that it wouldn’t be just the president, and that the ayatollah would not sign on? And if they do know that, why do you think they put it that way?

JEN PSAKI: Well, I can’t speak for why they put things the way they did in the letter, Chris. There were some inaccuracies…

Clearly unwilling to take a swing at Cuomo’s THEY CALLED OBAMA A MUSLIM! slow-pitch, Psaki word-souped a little longer.

Rebuffed, red-faced, and incapable of self-awareness, Cuomo immediately again asked the pretty girl who already said no to the prom:

CUOMO: You think that was a political tactic, pairing the President of the United States to Ayatollah Khamenei?

PSAKI: Well, I can’t speak to what their intentions were. I think that nothing could be farther from the truth. That’s a pretty laughable comparison.

Oh! Zing! Boom! Pow!

Shot down again!

Cuomo obviously didn’t comprehend the 2008 White House Memo that said, “To keep our hands clean, it is the media’s job to smear our opponents as racists.”

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “Chris Cuomo: Love-Struck Obama Avenger” — because if I know Cuomo and CNN, the hunt is now on for a guest who will agree with Cuomo.

When it comes to screaming racism based on zero facts, CNN never quits. Even after two police officers are shot. 

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