NBC News Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin Wants Islam Protected From Satire


Ayman Mohyeldin is advertised by NBC News as an objective reporter. This objective reporter became infamous earlier this year for lying about and smearing a decorated veteran sniper, the late Chris Kyle,  as a “racist” who  went on anti-Muslim “killing sprees” in Iraq.

Mohyeldin, who is a Muslim, used his MSNBC perch Tuesday, not to condemn the murderous savages in his faith who attempted to murder Pam Geller and Geert Wilders at a free speech event, but to demand a culture change in America that would not “allow”  people to engage in what he calls “hate speech” against Islam.

And as one would expect from NBC News, through omission, Mohyeldin lied through his teeth in order to pretend Islam is the only religion in America openly ridiculed.

As though “The Book of Mormon” wasn’t currently running on Broadway; as though San Francisco doesn’t hold a blasphemous “Hunky Jesus & Foxy Mary“” contest every year; as though “Piss Christ” wasn’t funded by the American government; as though Hollywood didn’t spend billions producing one film after another trashing Christianity — without being challenged by anyone on “Morning Joe,” Mohyeldin  crybabied his lie about Muslims being singled out in America.

The full transcript of his fascist bed-wetting

is below. Mixed in with his “defense” of free speech is in reality a call to ban speech against Islam.

A Sharia by any other name…

[emphasis mine]

As a person who has lived in this country for most of my life, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with any of these groups holding events like this, or doing events like that. It doesn’t on a personal level offend me, it does not offend my faith, it does not offend my sensibilities. I don’t pay much attention to the group. I know America is a very diverse, pluralistic place. A lot of people have a lot of ideas. I also know a lot of people have, unfortunately, misunderstandings of the religion [photo of Pam Geller appears], and it’s reflected all the time in the debate. But you have to have tough skin when you live in this country to understand that.

I do wonder sometimes if we as a society have a double standard about what we accept as free speech, and whether or not we apply the term of free speech to all groups, all minorities, all different political views with the same equal rigor. Do we uphold it as a society; do we uphold it from a law perspective. I think that sometimes is misunderstood.

You know, we are able to relate to things in this country in the context of how we understand them — when it comes to issues of race I don’t think any American would be happy with a conference held depicting black people or African-Americans in a negative light. I don’t think it would be acceptable for many Americans. Would it be tolerated, would it legally be accepted — I think that’s also sometimes up for a question.

So I think because we can’t necessarily relate to the issue of Islam, we can’t relate to it on a public level, as well, there is this perspective where it’s simply viewed from freedom of speech —  and again, I emphasize as somebody who works in journalism, as somebody who believes wholeheartedly in this right as a fundamental principle, I have no problem with it, and I would not in any way, shape or form prevent it from happening, but….

I would also raise questions about the larger context in the United States and whether or not we are applying a double standard to what is considered “hate speech” when it comes to Muslims. I feel that sometimes Muslims in America have become the last group in which public official, organizations and others are allowed to publicly demean, ridicule this group, in ways we don’t do it with other groups per se.


The only religion that tells people they can’t say things is Islam.

The only religion that threatens to back up that law with blood is Islam.

And nothing is more American than relentlessly mocking those who say we dare not mock them.

You don’t need a SWAT team protecting “The Book of Mormon” or a screening of “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

You also don’t have NBC News reporters calling for special speech protections for any religion other than Islam — even though its extremist wing is the deadliest force in all of the world today.

Whoa, hey, don’t offend the Christ-tards, they might pray for you!

Meanwhile, at The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, and Garland, Texas…

Mohyeldin needs to worry a little less about what people SAY and a whole lot more about Islamic barbarians who slaughter.

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