With Black Teen UE at 30%, Trump Hit Backfires Bigtime on Washington Post

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

With the national unemployment rate for blacks at just under 10%, and for black teens just overr 30%, the left-wing Washington Post thought it had a sweet gotcha on its hands by exposing the fact that some illegal immigrants are working on a Donald Trump construction project in Washington DC.

The only problem is that Trump did not hire the workers for  the Old Post Office Pavilion renovation, nor did his company.

Trump hired Lend Lease, a general contractor, who in turn hires subcontractors, who in turn hire employees. These companies are required by law to screen out illegals.

Laughably, The Washington Post hit-piece only serves to make Trump’s point about how porous our border is and how easy it is for illegals to steal jobs away from Americans and legal immigrants.

Washington DC has a huge black population. Currently, the national unemployment rate for blacks is close to 10%, twice the national average. The black teen unemployment rate is a whopping 30.1%.

We have just had two years of race riots and hand-wringing over the plight of young black men — men who cannot find work, which too often leads to tragic consequences.

Increase border enforcement so these jobs can go to the Americans and legal immigrants who need them.

How hard is this?

Moreover, these construction jobs are perfect for young people; perfect starter unskilled jobs until you eventually earn an actual construction trade. Many of these trades are unionized, which means good pay and benefits (I have no problem with private unions). Regardless, just having and keeping a job is the best education a young person can have. You learn responsibility, you have something on your resume, you have a personal reference. Whether it is McDonald’s or construction, nothing better prepares you for the world more than a job.

And a job is exactly what these young black men need more than any other segment of our population. But these jobs are being stolen from these men by millions of unskilled illegals protected by big corporations who want cheap labor, Democrats who benefit greatly by importing Democrats and keeping black men in despair, and a media that protects Democrats at all costs over their shared values.

The media and Left don’t give a damn about these young black men. They need these men as pawns in their crusade to increase federal power. Riots and anarchy are all part of the plan.

Meanwhile, millions of undocumented Democrats are allowed to sneak over the border for the sole purpose of increasing a population that votes Democrat by 4-to-1. This mercenary plotting isn’t just at the expense of young black men.

Of the 36,000 illegals released by the American government in 2013, a full 1,000 committed new crimes. [emphasis mine]

The information, which the Department of Homeland Security provided to Mr. Grassley, details all 1,000 convictions, including dozens of drunken-driving convictions, drug offenses and weapons convictions. But the more serious crimes include domestic abuse, carjacking and aggravated assault.

One of the illegal immigrants, identified as No. 960, was subsequently convicted of inflicting injury on a domestic partner; child cruelty, with the possibility of injury or death; probation violations; speeding; driving without a license; and failing to appear for court. …

The 1,000 illegal immigrants in the data were part of a group of 36,007 convicted criminals that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been holding but decided to release in 2013.

Those illegal immigrants had amassed nearly 88,000 convictions among them, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions and 16,070 drunken- or drugged-driving convictions.

The victims here are both Americans and legal immigrants, victims of their own government.


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