Planned Parenthood’s Dead Baby Trafficking & 10 Other Major Stories Our Media Missed

Workers at a Planned Parenthood clinic hang a banner to announce the opening of the facility October 2, 2007 in Aurora, Illinois. The clinic, reported to be the largest Planned Parenthood clinic in the country, was scheduled to open last month but the opening was held up by last minute …
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America’s utterly useless, hopelessly corrupt mainstream media has once again been scooped by New Media, this time on a major story involving a major left-wing institution. According to undercover video released Tuesday, for anywhere from $30 to $100 a pop, Planned Parenthood is happy to adjust the way in which it murders unborn children.

You want a heart? A liver? A lower extremity? Not a problem. While butchering this child — hopefully during a late-term abortion in order to bump up the price — Planned Parenthood will be super-duper-extra-careful to murder the baby in a very specific way that keeps those organs intact.

This is happening. In America. And we’re only learning about it thanks to a group that has nothing to do with the MSM — the same MSM that has all kinds of time to fabricate racism, stir up riots in inner-cities, fabricate infrastructure problems around a train crash, and ask Donald Trump the same three goddamned immigration questions for a full month.

Why isn’t our media regularly investigating and calling for full transparency from a taxpayer-funded institution like Planned Parenthood?

Why doesn’t our media treat Planned Parenthood with even a tenth the scrutiny it does the NFL or Koch Industries?

The answer is simple: When the media targets certain institutions, there is big political and cultural upside for the Left. On the flip-side, if the media were to investigate others institutions, there is potential downside for the Left. Therefore, this is the media’s driving criteria when it comes to editorial decisions.

The mainstream media’s all-important Narrative focus is all about whether or not the Left benefits from that focus. As a result, Planned Parenthood is allowed to run amok, black lives don’t matter in Chicago, and the incompetency and corruption of our federal government is either downplayed or completely ignored.

Were we to rely solely on the American mainstream media for news, not only would we not know about Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish, immoral, and possibly illegal trafficking in dead baby parts, here are ten other major scandals we would know nothing about.


  1. ACORN Corruption

Thanks to James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart, a taxpayer-funded, left-wing community-organizing institution with tentacles throughout the country, was exposed as something so venal and corrupt, countless offices were caught on video agreeing to cover-up and lie for a child prostitution ring, and to forge documents so that those exploiting these children could enjoy tax-payer funded benefits.

Before New media came along, ACORN received absolutely no scrutiny from the mainstream media.

Our utterly useless and corrupt media was simply too busy rigging truck explosions, covering up Bill Clinton’s sleazy affair with a White House  intern, covering up Saddam Hussein’s human rights abuses, and manufacturing George W. Bush quotes to look into ACORN.


  1. Obama Politicizing the NEA For Propaganda Purposes

As soon as Barack Obama assumed the presidency in January of 2009, the corrupt White House push was on to turn the National Endowment for the Arts into a slush-fund paid for by taxpayers to create pro-Obama propaganda.

The mainstream media wanted nothing to do with this story. Patrick Courrielche ended up bringing the story to Andrew Breitbart, who blew it wide open and shut down the corruption.

You see, our utterly useless and corrupt mainstream media was too busy attempting presidential coups with forged documents and falsely smearing American troops as gang-rapists to watchdog the NEA.


  1. Democrats Lie About Tea Party N-word

During the ObamaCare debate in 2010, Democrats reported that a group of Tea Party protesters screamed “Nigger” as Rep. John Lewis, a black civil rights icon, passed by.

This was a lie.

The media ran with the lie because when it comes to damaging the Right, setting the Narrative is more important than verifying the Narrative. (See: Hispanic, White).

Andrew Breitbart performed the miracle of proving a negative — proving that no Tea Partier said any such thing; proved these Democrats lied.

Our utterly useless and corrupt mainstream media just didn’t have the time to verify these too-good-to-be-true claims, they were too busy burying Barack Obama’s relationships with a domestic terrorist, a racist preacher, and a virulent anti-Semitic cleric.


  1. Dylann Roof and the Breakdown of Federal Background Checks

Racist/terrorist Dylann Roof committed one of the most heinous crimes in memory last month when he walked into a Charleston, South Carolina, church and murdered 9 innocent people.

Dylann Roof might have been able to eventually get a gun illegally, but his job was made much easier when the federal background check system failed due to a bureaucratic snafu. Roof got his firearm legally, and the rest is unspeakable history.

Not only did our mainstream media fail to investigate or break the story of this failure (the Feds broke the news themselves by admitting to the mistake), our media obviously failed in its primary responsibility, which is to intensely investigate and test the efficiency of our government’s primary responsibility — the mechanisms in place to keep us safe.

Because our utterly useless and corrupt mainstream media was too busy doctoring Tea Party photos, a venal, racist, murderous scumbag legally got himself a gun.


  1. Clinton Foundation Scandals

The rumors about the Clinton Foundation’s shady practices and ethical lapses have been around for years

Because our utterly useless, corrupt mainstream media is too busy donating to the Clinton Foundation, falsely blaming the Tea Party for movie theatre shootings, accusing Mitt Romney of enjoying the spectacle of black people drowning, and committing serial-plagiarism, it took Breitbart’s own Peter Schweizer to connect the Clinton Foundation dots and expose the truth.


  1. Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email Account and Server

Although Hillary Clinton used a private email account for years as Secretary of State, and no doubt emailed more than a few members of the mainstream media with it (I’m looking at you Maggie Haberman), the media failed to sniff anything untoward.

Reason: The media’s overriding goal is not to hold power accountable or even dig up an awesome story; the media’s primary goal is to elect Hillary Clinton president in 2016.

Like the Clinton Foundation rumors, the media just didn’t want to pull a thread on Hillary’s email for fear it would unravel her presidential ambitions.

Because our utterly useless and corrupt media was too busy fabricating rape hoaxes, it was Rep. Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi committee that uncovered Hillary’s private email, and by extension her secret server.

It should be noted that the media has spent years doing everything in its corrupt power to kill off every investigation into Benghazi. Had the media succeeded in smothering the search for the truth about Benghazi, we would know thing about Hillary Nixon-ing thousands of emails and wiping her server clean.

       7. IRS Persecutes Obama’s Political Enhemies

For years, Obama’s IRS had been used as a partisan tool to cripple conservative political groups with paralyzing audits, piles of paperwork, and veiled threats.

The media knew this was happening and praised it as both legal and necessary.

Except it wasn’t legal. Not even close.

Because our corrupt, utterly useless media was too busy investigating a rock Rick Perry had nothing to do with in Texas, the IRS broke the story itself — told on itself with a planted question during a usual-usual news conference.


8. Obama’s Increased Surveillance State

After campaigning against President George W. Bush’s “surveillance state” to wild cheers from the media, as soon as he was in office, Obama went on a power-grab that widened domestic spying to levels no one dreamed of.

Because our utterly useless and corrupt mainstream media was too busy blaming Sarah Palin for a bunch of murders in Arizona and fabricating Mitt Romney gaffes, the Brits broke this news.


9. DOJ Seizes AP Phone Records

For the sin of not worshipping Obama quite enough, Obama’s Department of Justice went on a rampage against the media, in part by seizing phone records from the Associated Press.

Because our utterly useless and corrupt mainstream media was too busy investigating Mitt Romney’s high school pranks from a half-century ago, it was the Department of Justice itself that broke this story.

Our media sucks so hard, the government confessed before their wrongdoing was discovered.


10. Benghazi

In the heat of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, massive security failures resulted in a September 11th anniversary terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya. Four Americans were murdered, including our ambassador. To cover up their failures, Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waged a lying campaign that involved the dishonest-duo blaming a planned and well-executed terror attack on a spontaneous riot ginned up by a YouTube Video.

The media not only failed to break this story, it actively engaged in the cover-up with relentless attacks against any Republican who demanded or told the truth about Benghazi. This notably included Mitt Romney. A CNN reporter went so far as to protect Obama by lying during a presidential debate.

With a few exceptions, almost every truthful revelation about Benghazi has come from New Media or Republican investigators.

Because our utterly useless, corrupt media was too busy laughing at an assault on Bristol Palin, fabricating evidence to convict George Zimmerman, lying about Republicans bullying a Muslim woman, calling for someone to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth, breaking gun control laws to blame the NRA for a school shooting, believing Brian Williams, covering up for Brian Williams, not paying their taxes, and claiming sanctuary cities don’t exist — well, you get the point.

The American mainstream media has nothing to do with news or truth or holding power accountable.

The American mainstream media is a black bag operation that serves the cause of Big Government and politically assassinates all who get in the way of that cause.



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