USA Today Reporter Covering Scott Walker Signed Recall Petition Against Him

Madeleine-Behr (1)

Courtesy of the American Mirror, we now know that Madeleine Behr, a Wisconsin reporter who covers the presidential campaign of Republican Scott Walker for USA Today and the local Appleton-Post Crescent, personally signed a 2011 petition calling for Walker’s recall as the state’s governor.

[Behr’s] first story for the Post-Crescent appeared online on July 2, and since then she’s published 35 stories, including four that focus on Walker’s presidential bid, and others that cover the political aspirations and maneuvers of high profile Democratic candidates.

In 2012, then-Post-Crescent publisher Genia Lovett disclosed that 25 Gannett journalists, including nine at the Post-Crescent, signed Walker recall petitions, but none of them were assigned to the political beat. “It was wrong, and those who signed were in breach of Gannett’s Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms,” Lovett wrote.

Behr’s employer is Gannett Wisconsin Media. Naturally, they hired this partisan to cover Walker knowing she had called for him to be removed from office.

Joel Christopher, vice president of news for Gannett Wisconsin Media, responded to a Media Trackers inquiry about Behr’s assignment to cover Walker, saying, “We indeed are aware that Madeleine signed the Gov. Scott Walker recall election petition in 2011 because Madeleine made it a priority to tell us before she even interviewed for a reporting position with us.”

Read the full American Mirror piece for glaring examples of Behr’s anti-Walker bias and ethical lapses.

Another day, another glaring example of the mainstream media’s endless parade of partisan, ethical corruption — all of it, naturally, to the benefit of Democrats and the cause of Big Government.

Democrats sure got it good.

UPDATE: This post has been updated to correct a spelling error. 


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