Politico’s Mike Allen: ‘I Don’t Remember’ Offering Chelsea Clinton the Questions In Advance


Three years ago, in an obvious effort to burnish the Clinton family name and suck up to Madam President, Politico big shot Mike Allen offered Chelsea Clinton a “no risk … no surprises … something she would like” interview where all the questions would be agreed upon in advance. He also offers to let her choose the topic of the interview. Today, Allen is claiming he doesn’t remember writing the email.

Allen’s dissembling is buried near the bottom of a Washington Post piece that used the Politico scandal as an excuse to bash Republicans as “conspiracy theorists.” No, really.

In an e-mail to The [Post]. Allen said this: “We didn’t do this interview and never provide questions in advance. Never have; never would. I don’t remember this e-mail. But all our events are spontaneous and news-driven, as you can tell by watching the videos of them, all of which are posted on our site.”

The Washington Post is already covering for Allen. The rest of the DC Media is either downplaying or outright ignoring the scandal. The reason for this is obvious: Politico is supposed to be a competitor, but when all of the DC Media is guilty of coordinating with Democrats, it would be a suicide to start blasting one another over a sin they all serially-commit.

In the end, only one truth remains…

Democrats sure got it good.


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