Breitbart News Does 4.5 Million Comments for Month, NY Mag Celebrates 7 About Paul Ryan’s Beard

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

On Friday, New York magazine writer Jesse Singal devoted an entire article to focusing on seven comments from Breitbart News readers about Paul Ryan’s beard.

Singal took issue with comments left on the article “Paul Ryan Lays Out GOP Agenda: Heavy on Economics, Light on Islamic State and Immigration” by Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro, published over a week ago. He focused on seven comments left by Breitbart readers that poked fun at Paul Ryan’s beard as evidence of latent Islamophobia among Republicans.

He would have had to do quite a bit of digging to find them, however. Singal doesn’t link to the Breitbart article from which he pulled these obviously deeply disturbing comments. If he had, New York magazine readers would have seen that Singal was able to find seven out of 822 combined comments, 488 of which were posted on-site, that were so deeply troubling.

For October, NewsWhip reported that Breitbart News had 3.3 million Facebook comments on articles shared to the social media platform, putting it at #6 in the world for Facebook comments. With an additional 1.2 million on-site comments, the latest recorded number of monthly comments on Breitbart News articles was 4.5 million. Clearly, these seven comments are worth obsessing over.

“Obsess” is certainly the correct term to use when describing Singal’s relationship with Breitbart News, from his 3,000 word screed accusing Breitbart of organizing an online hate campaign against a Black Lives Matter supporter who mocked a murdered Texas deputy, to his confirming the facts of Breitbart’s reporting on a British university’s comparing of GameGate to ISIS but somehow claiming to have debunked it, to his constant mentions of the site on Twitter.

Readers can only expect the very best investigative journalism regarding Internet comments about politicians’ beards with Singal on the case.

Noah Dulis is the Deputy Managing Editor of Breitbart News and co-editor of Breitbart Tech. Follow him on Twitter @Marshal_Dov.


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