Daily Beast: We ‘Will Stand Up to President Donald Trump’

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John Avlon, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast, declares that his website will be “the loyal opposition” to President-elect Donald Trump and his policies, which “represent an existential challenge to our civic fabric, liberal values, and world order.”

From the Daily Beast:

We were earlyprincipled, and unapologetic opponents of Donald Trump’s divisive and demagogic campaign.

But if he is our next president, we will not question his legitimacy or hope he fails.

Instead, we will count ourselves members of the loyal opposition—loyal to the United States of America and opposed to the policies proposed by the president-elect during his campaign. And we will reflect on what has led so many of our fellow Americans to embrace such a messenger.

[W]e’ll stand against any efforts to deport by force 11 million undocumented Mexican immigrants, tearing families apart. We’ll oppose a “temporary” ban on Muslim immigrants from vast regions of the world. We’ll resist any efforts to weaken NATO or encourage Asian allies to develop nuclear weapons.

We will hold him to account for any lies that he tells and any attempts to intimidate his opponents. We will push back on appeals to white identity politics that try to divide our nation and demean our essential diversity. The Daily Beast will always call out bullies, bigots, and hypocrites.

The policies candidate Trump has proposed represent an existential challenge to our civic fabric, liberal values, and world order. And that is a challenge that citizens and journalists will have to confront unflinchingly in our duty to remain active and engaged while speaking our conscience.

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