Ace of Spades Backs #DumpKelloggs: It’s Time Conservatives Fight Back Against the Left’s Bully Tactics

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images, BNN Edit

Conservative blogger Ace of Spades offers support to Breitbart’s #DumpKelloggs boycott, noting that corporations are joining the culture wars on behalf of the bullying left, while the right foolishly “is a patsy who will go along with anything, including its own denigration” due to a “misplaced” sense of principles that prevents it from acting, even as “the left continues organizing every institution, media group, and corporation as bases of operation to destroy us.”

From Ace of Spades:

The left is determined to pressure all corporations to join them in the culture war, and most corporate personnel — being largely socially liberal anyway, and viewing compliance with the left’s demands to be the path of least resistance — tend to sign up to be part of the Left’s Social Justice Army.

This is an amoral business decision. And frankly it makes sense as an amoral business decision — because one side is making demands, taking hostages, and organizing boycotts, and the other side says things like “Leave the poor corporations alone” and “It’s a business decision you have no right to interfere with” and “A corporation’s relationship between themselves and the political left is between it and God Himself.”

As I said: It’s a rational business decision. Because when you look at the incentives, a company’s incentives plainly lay on the side of going along with the left, because the right doesn’t play this game out of misplaced “principle.”

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