Boom: Breaks Web Traffic Record Set in 2016 — by Mid-November!


On Monday, November 20, Breitbart News surpassed its total number of pageviews from the year 2016, making 2017 the biggest year ever for web traffic to the conservative news site. currently has over 2.2 billion pageviews and counting for 2017, exceeding 2016’s 2.18 billion total pageviews, according to Google Analytics.

“We have the hardest working staff in media, and by far the most resilient. To stand as strong as our team has stood over these past two years has been truly impressive. They deserve this great moment,” Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said.

“It’s hard to imagine a year being any bigger than 2016 for,” Marlow said. “I thought maybe years from now we could repeat the numbers we saw last year. To think that 2017 is even bigger, and that it’s only November… Wow.”

“The credit goes to our loyal readers,” Breitbart CEO Larry Solov said. “Americans trust us to report the stories the establishment media ignores, and that trust motivates us everyday.”

Marlow also was quick to call out Breitbart’s myriad detractors. “I’m sure this great news will shock our haters in the political and media establishment. They have insisted on writing dishonest and embarrassing (for them) hit pieces on us all year, falsely claiming we are losing our audience. I wonder if they’ll write about this accomplishment.”

Earlier this year, Vanity Fair fell for a hoax and claimed that‘s traffic was “cratering.” These sentiments were echoed throughout the establishment media bubble throughout the year. Washington Post, the Week, Mediaite, Axios, and countless others ran stories claiming Breitbart had lost its audience.

According to Amazon-owned traffic ranking service, Breitbart is currently the 50th in the United States and is the fourth news site behind,, and Breitbart also has the top political Instagram page and the thirteenth-ranked Facebook page in the world across all categories. Breitbart News is the highest engagement conservative publisher on Facebook.

In addition to our record-breaking traffic this year, Breitbart News has also distinguished itself as a powerhouse publisher on social media.

Breitbart News ranked as the #1 political publisher in the country on Instagram in September, according to a report by the leading industry analytics site NewsWhip. Breitbart topped the list with an 8.69 Instagram engagement score, towering over its closest competitor’s score of 5.50. In October, NewsWhip ranked Breitbart as the #13 most popular publisher in the world on Facebook. An in-depth report on conservative media published by last June, credited Breitbart as having the “most engaging right-leaning” Facebook page in the country since President Trump’s election.


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