Nolte: Trump Victories Reduce #NeverTrump to Self-Righteous Scolds over Stormy Daniels

In this May 6, 2009 photo, Stormy Daniels visits a local restaurant in downtown New Orleans. The Louisiana-born porn star announced Thursday, April 15, 2010 that she will not run for U.S. Senate in her home state, ending a yearlong flirtation with politics that began as incumbent Sen. David Vitter, …
AP/Bill Haber

The cult of #NeverTrump proved they are the worst experts ever with their unceasing bellowing of proclamations that said there was no way Donald Trump could win the nomination, much less the presidency.

The cult of #NeverTrump then proved they are nothing less than lying grifters with their snide sniffs about how Trump is not a TrueCon, even as he closed year one with a record more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s.

And so, after a two-year face job at the hands of Reality, all these provincial snobs have left is to pose as masters of their own self-regard with moralistic posturing over Stormy Daniels, and worse, the hurling of self-righteous recriminations against those of us who choose not to join in on the posturing.

For those of you who do not know, Stormy Daniels is the porn star who says she did not have an extra-marital sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.

Yes, you read that correctly — Daniels says she did NOT sleep with Trump.

The president backs her story. However, Daniels has said in the past that she did have the affair, but… you may have also noticed that Daniels enjoys publicity, which includes flirting with Senate runs in Louisiana and, most recently, a coy post-State of the Union appearance with Jimmy Kimmel. The Wall Street Journal claims Trump paid her $130,000 in hush money. Trump and Daniels say no. Bottom line: we have no idea what happened.


“Why Are Social Conservatives Silent on Trump’s Porn-Star Affair,” harrumphed National Review’s Thurston Goldberg III.

“Conservatism once: Character counts. Conservatism today: Mulligans for sale!” blared former cruise director Tony Kristol.

“Someone needs to ask Mike Pence about [Stormy Daniels] every single time he gives a press conference, ” exclaimed Bret Stephens of the failing New York Times that lost $58 million last quarter.

“[Evangelicals believe] the Book of Poontang … says thou shalt allow The Donald to f*ck porn stars and let him get away with it,” swaggered Rick “Does Trump Pay You More For Anal” Wilson.

That is just a taste from this tribe of sore losers who have run out of reasons to bitterly cling to their anti-Trump dogma. Which means that all these neocon men have left is to try and shame social conservatives and evangelical leaders for committing the sin of — get this — forgiveness.

Oh, and the additional sin of… not being judgmental.

How so very un-Christian of us to not cast stones.

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins has taken the brunt of the #NevertTrump’s scorn for saying of Trump’s libertine tendencies, “We kind of gave him—‘All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.’”

“Mulligans by the dozen,” snarked David “The Gun Grabber” Frum.

“From the moral majority to the mulligan majority,” cried Twitter’s Tony Kristol.

“What happened to evangelicals,” squeaked MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes.

If there was a way to make this point without sounding stuffy, I would, but… Did Christ not crawl up on that cross to grant each of us a mulligan? And are we not supposed to be like Christ? And what exactly is Christ-like about stoning a man over something he might or might not have done 12 years ago? What Christian good does this serve?


Sorry, but to do such a thing is much more in keeping with the Pharisees, not Christ.

Moreover, the anti-science #NeverTrumpers are actually asking us to take the fake news media as gospel. That is how far gone these crybabies are.

Here is the only “good” that could come from hurling the stones handed to us by #NeverTrump…

  1. You would earn the good opinion of #NeverTrump: Even though #NeverTrump is a gang of smug, judgmental, tribal, egotistical, blowhard sell-outs, the coveting of their “good opinion” would never serve as a mark against you in the quest for eternal life.
  2. You get to virtue signal: Not only does casting pious stones against others confirm just how precious your virtue is, nothing demonstrates just how super awesomely pure you are than using gossip as an excuse to be the demonic mainstream media’s useful idiots.
  3. CNN and Politico might quote you! Oh, the warm bath of affirmation when Big Media finds your backstabbing worthy of a mention. You might even get to be on TeeeeVeeee! “Hi, mom, I know I’m being used like a three-dollar whore by the worst people in the world, but I’m now someone cuz I’m on MSNBCeeee!”

#NeverTrump knows Hillary Clinton is a pro-infanticide extremist, knows she is the most corrupt politician in generations, knows she sought to personally destroy countless women exploited by her husband; and still these Vichy Republicans spent every precious minute of the 2016 general  election doing everything in their wicked power to make that she-monster president — and worse, to bestow the honor of being America’s first First Gentleman on an accused-rapist who turns young interns into Oval Office humidors.

So you’ll pardon me if I go elsewhere for my Christianity 101 lessons.

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