Nolte: Failed Morning Host Chris Cuomo Promoted to CNN Primetime

Chris Cuomo
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Turner

Chris Cuomo, the far-left co-host of CNN’s basement-rated morning show New Day, has been promoted to the 9:00 p.m. primetime slot, following Anderson Cooper’s 8:00 p.m. hour. Cuomo will be replaced by the equally biased John Berman as co-host with the discredited Alisyn Camerota.

Outside of the provincial world of the last-place anti-Trump channel, the 47-year-old morning anchor is widely seen as a buffon, a rabid Trump-hater lacking in the intelligence and knowledge to do his job with anything close to competence. This has earned him the nickname “Fredo,” a derisive reference to the dumb brother in the Godfather saga.

Last month, Cuomo’s New Day was one of the lowest rated shows on any of the three cable news networks. Ranking a humiliating #42, throughout February, New Day was only able to attract an average of 607,000 viewers. By contrast, New Day’s direct competition at MSNBC and Fox attracted an average of 1.06 million and 1.6 million, respectively.

Outside of his fitness issues and biases, Cuomo is best known for a series of outlandish gaffes, mishaps, fake news events, and public meltdowns.

Back in February, the anti-gun Cuomo tweeted out a fake pro-gun control story. After being called out for spreading misinformation, Cuomo’s irrational responses to his critics can only be described as reactionary non-sequiturs.

That same month, Cuomo publicly attacked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for refusing to come on CNN to talk about gun control. Outside of his unprofessional taunting, Cuomo was again caught deceiving his audience, because Cruz had already recorded an extensive interview with CNN, which the network had not yet aired.

The pro-abortion Cuomo has compared a majority of Americans to anti-Semites, has pledged to use his position as a “journalist” to aid the Obama administration’s big government agenda, seems confused over where babies come from, regularly gins up racial division and anti-cop hatred, and has even accused parents of bigotry if they are uncomfortable with the idea of their 12-year-old daughter seeing a naked boy.

Promoting  a proven failure and laughingstock like Cuomo upward actually makes sense for CNN, a network totally unconcerned with ratings or shareholder value.

Since Jeff Zucker took over as president, the failing cable channel has put its extreme-left social justice agenda ahead of ratings, credibility, and decency.


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