Report: CBS, PBS Knew About Charlie Rose’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct for Years

Charlie Rose attends the CBS Upfront on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

The far-left Washington Post reports in a lengthy exposé that 27 additional women have come forward to accuse disgraced journalist Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct, stating also that managers at both PBS and CBS received complaints going back years.

“Incidents of sexual misconduct by Charlie Rose were far more numerous than previously known, according to a new investigation …which also found three occasions over a period of 30 years in which CBS managers were warned of his conduct toward women at the network,” the Post reported.

Corrina Collins, a former intern for Rose, said that after he insisted she drink while they sat together on a plane, he began to “paw” at her. Later, she said, he grabbed her breast.

“Back in New York,” the Post reported, “Collins said she shared concerns about Rose with Yvette Vega, the executive producer of Rose’s PBS show, whom she said replied that he was harmless. Vega did not respond to a request for comment.”

This alleged incident occurred in 2003.

CBS executives have apparently been aware of Rose’s behavior going back more than 30 years.

Annmarie Parr stated that she reported Rose’s behavior to CBS all the way back in 1986. She was just 22 at the time but says he still harassed her with questions about her sex life.  “‘Annmarie, do you like sex? Do you enjoy it? How often do you like to have sex?’”

She told a senior producer, who told her he would ensure she was never alone with Rose.

Nevertheless, Rose’s star at CBS still rose to the heights of a 60 Minutes spot, and eventually, he became co-host of the network’s morning show.

Fast forward to 2011. A woman accused Rose of forcibly kissing her at a party. She said she told Chris Licht, executive producer of CBS This Morning, who said he talked to Rose but left it at that. In other words, he never notified human resources. He claimed that was how things were done. CBS said it has since updated its sexual harassment policies to include immediately notifying human resources.

In 2017, someone reported Rose’s “interactions” with a 24-year-old subordinate to a CBS News manager. Rose was 74 at the time. Again, the alleged complaint went nowhere.

Rose was only disgraced and fired from both CBS and PBS after the Washington Post detailed a litany of allegations in a report late last year.

NBC, which is currently under fire for its mishandling of Joy Reid’s false hacking claims and three allegations of misconduct against Tom Brokaw, had no comment when asked about an incident when Rose, then working for NBC, allegedly exposed his penis to a woman in 1976.

Rose has been accused of groping, fondling, and kissing women without their consent, as well as exposing himself.

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