Nolte: NBC News Investigated Itself and Found No Culture of Harassment at NBC News

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NBC News has conducted an internal investigation of itself and found that NBC News is as pure as Caesar’s wife, reports Deadline.

According to Deadline:

Investigators did at least find credible the four allegations already much-written about in the press: that Lauer engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. But investigators also found credible that NBC News and Today show leadership did not know about his behavior. They had heard rumors but thought Lauer was confining his extra-marital activity to outside the workplace.

As we should all be, Deadline is skeptical of this “internal investigation.”

“If you guessed the internal probe would say ‘it does not believe that there is a current widespread or systemic pattern of behavior that violates Company policy or a current culture of harassment in the News Division,’ you are correct.”

Numerous NBC staffers, both on and off the record, have said that “everyone knew” about Matt Lauer’s “sexual harassment lair.”

NBC’s decision to investigate itself also flies in the face of what Fox News did after allegations of harassment hit the network’s highest-profile figures, including Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes. On more than one occasion, Fox hired outside law firms to investigate its workplace practices.

NBC refused to do this.

Obviously, as a left-wing propaganda outlet in good standing and importance to the anti-Trump Resistance, NBC will get away with this.

NBC’s ideological colleagues throughout the establishment media — CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., will allow NBC to turn the page on this scandal, using the fig leaf of this whitewash.

By any standard of decency, NBC is an embarrassment that employs proven liars Joy Reid and Brian Williams, homophobe Alec Baldwin, rape denier Andrea Mitchell, victim-shamer Mika Brzezinski, and accused sexual harassers Chris Matthews and Mike Tirico.

But because NBC News is seen as ideologically pure, issues like honesty, decency, and integrity are seen as meaningless.

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