Nolte: CNN Openly Campaigns to Blacklist Infowars

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner

Far-left CNN is on a blacklisting rampage, which undoubtedly has only begun with Infowars and Alex Jones.

While there is no question there is a perfectly legitimate line of reporting in pressuring behemoth social media companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to better explain their opaque standards and policies, that is not even close to what the McCarthyite CNN is attempting to do.

Instead, under the sheep’s clothing of “journalism” and backed by the abusive power of parent company Time-Warner, CNN is relentlessly filing complaints with these social media giants against Infowars, an online outlet that frequently criticizes the anti-Trump network.

A story that examines how social media giants come up with, apply, and enforce their content rules would be a worthy piece of reporting. But if you look at CNN’s “reporting” and the obsessive social media activity of one of its lead activists, Oliver Darcy, there is only one goal: to pester and shame social media outlets into blacklisting Jones and Infowars.

If CNN were sincerely interested in journalism (as opposed to scalping one of its critics), in informing the public (as opposed to silencing someone with whom CNN disagrees), the so-called journalism would be every bit as aggressive in asking Twitter and others why left-wing racists like the New York Times‘s Sarah Jeong and hate-minister Louis Farrakhan are still allowed on these platforms.

Instead, CNN is aggressively and intentionally singling out Infowars and Infowars only, which proves that this is not a legitimate act of journalism on CNN’s part to do what reporters are supposed to do — discover information and pass it along to the public.

Rather, CNN is just another partisan, left-wing activist looking for an outcome, demanding a critic be disappeared.

Here is all the proof you need:

Ask yourself: if this is “journalism,” where is the openly racist Sarah Jeong?

Where is Louis Farrakhan?

Hell, where is Antifa, a full-blown left-wing terrorist organization responsible for unspeakable violence and still allowed on Facebook?

What CNN is practicing is full-blown McCarthyism, using its corporate power to bully and emotionally blackmail platforms to blacklist CNN’s critics.

And if you think CNN intends to stop there, if you are counting on any kind of decency from a CNN that remains silent as rape victims are booed, that openly calls for race riots in distressed neighborhoods, that points what looks like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window, that openly fantasizes about Trump’s assassination, that smears war veterans, that gleefully spreads lies and hoaxes and fake news and conspiracy theories

You have not been paying attention.

These are bad people who are losing the argument and their audience. And so, like all bad people who cannot win an honest debate, all they have left is to abuse their waning power, to bully and to scream, “Shut up!”

I am no Alex Jones fan. But as I have done many times in the past, I am here to defend speech with which I disagree because that is what sincere free speech defenders are supposed to do.

And the only thing blacklisters like CNN do is … blacklist.

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