Nolte: Nine Times ‘Racist-Sexist’ Trump Described White Men as ‘Dogs’

donald trump

President Trump used the word “dog” to describe Omarosa Manigault– Newman on Monday, and now the fake news media are predictably claiming this is racist.

There is just one problem with this narrative — on some nine occasions over the years,  Trump has used the word “dog” to describe white men, including very white men like Mitt Romney.

Despite this incontrovertible fact, the far-left conspiracy network CNN is still attacking Trump as racist (and sexist!, even though Trump has overwhelmingly described men as dogs), as is the far-left New York Times, the far-left Washington Post, and harrumph, harrumph, harrump and fake news, fake news, fake news…


We live in the age of miracles, an age where the magic of the Google Machine can prevent you from spreading all kinds of fake news, where the Google Machine can learn you stuff, like Trump’s use of the word “dog” is an equal-opportunity insult.

Has anyone told the establishment media about the Google Machine?

What’s more, if the establishment media want to argue using the word “dog” is de-humanizing, they will first have to explain their silent approval when their left-wing colleagues use of the words  “cunt,” “cockholster,” “gash,” and “Nazi” to describe Trump, his female staffers, and Trump supporters. 

And I would especially like to hear from the New York Times after adding to its editorial board the unrepentant racist Sarah Jeong, who trafficked in de-humanizing racism for years.

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