Pakistani Girl Marries for Love, Gets Incinerated by Mother

As Dawn News points out, “honor killings” involving immolation are distressingly common in Pakistan, often triggered by a young woman marrying someone her family disapproves of. The murder of 18-year-old Zeenat Rafique was especially diabolical because her mother lured her into an ambush by offering to reconcile with her.

A Pakistan Hassan Khan shows the picture of his wife Zeenat Rafiq, who was burned alive by allegedly her mother, on a mobile phone at his home in Lahore, Pakistan Wednesday, June 8, 2016. A Pakistani woman was arrested Wednesday after dousing her daughter with kerosene and burning her alive, …

Killjoys Flip Out over Family’s Hilarious Christmas Card

A Christmas card has ignited a firestorm of controversy. The mother and the two daughters have their mouths taped shut and their hands are tied with Christmas lights. The father is holding a sign that says, “Peace on earth.” Their small son is giving a “thumbs up.”

Johnson Holiday Family Photo

Vox’s Jonathan Allen: Trump Appeals to Angry Nativists, Sexists

Vox chief political correspondent Jonathan Allen reacted to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s showing during Thursday’s GOP Debate in an appearance on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC. Allen said Trump “still appeals to the people he appeals to who, are angry and in


Feminist Claims Wall Street Culturally Superior to Silicon Valley

Newsweek never recovered from withholding the publication of investigative reporter Michael Isikoff’s expose of an alleged sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in early January 1998. But 17 years later, and two sales of the magazine for $1 each time, the new owners

Newsweek cover Jan. 28, 2015 (Newsweek)