Donald Trump Spars with Press at Trade Announcement: ‘I Consider You a Part of the Democrat Party’

President Donald Trump sparred with reporters at the White House Monday, telling them that he considers them to be part of the “Democrat Party.”

President Donald Trump blasted Democrats, specifically Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), for sitting on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, saying that Feinstein likely leaked details to the media.

“For her to have waited that period of time–and for you Democrats and I guess I’m including you, too, the media,” Trump said. “I consider you a part of the Democrat party. For you, for the Democrats to be talking about, ‘we want more time for the FBI’ — If you wanted more time for the FBI, why didn’t Dianne Feinstein bring this up? You know she showed this to other Democrats.”

“There were more than just her that knew about that big confidential thing,” he added. “It was confidential until the hearing was over. After the hearing was over, they went public. Why didn’t they do it during the hearing and we could have had all the time in the world. You know why? Because they’re dishonest people.”

President Trump sparred with CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who he at first shut down because she was trying to ask a question about Judge Kavanaugh when Trump wanted to talk about trade.

Trump later returned to her, and she questioned him for several minutes. When she continued to ask more questions, Trump finally moved on, telling Collins, “you’ve had enough.”

Collins was not the only reporter Trump tried to get back on track.

The president ignored several questions about Brett Kavanaugh until more journalists asked about his new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.


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