Nolte: Far-Left CNN, HuffPost Already Rigging the Primary Against Joe Biden

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 24: Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden salutes the crowd after being introduced to speak at the 87th United States Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting at the Capitol Hilton on January 24, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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As of right now, former Vice President Joe Biden is not only leading the field for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination by ten points, he is earning an average of 29 percent support in a field of 12.

In other words, nearly one in three Democrat primary voters support Biden.

Nonetheless, despite Biden’s steady level of support, the far-left CNN put together a focus group where not one person in the group supported Biden.

This phony focus group consisted of exactly six people who were dragged out of bed to appear on CNN’s failing morning show — and I use the word “phony” with confidence because a focus group is supposed to represent a cross-section of people, and if CNN had been at all interested in presenting a cross-section using six measly people, at least two (according to the polls) would have expressed support for Biden.

Instead, in what can only be described as a rigged focus group, all six said Biden should not run, which made for exactly the kind of headlines CNN wants to generate.

“His time is done,” one said.

“Biden rally comes from the good ole’ boy politics of the past,” said another.

“Good ole’ boy.”


A third genius, even though wages are rising, unemployment is historically low, and optimism is hitting record levels, said, “I don’t think Joe Biden represents that new thing that we need, we need a new economy.”

Yeah, a “new economy,” that’s what we need.

Joining CNN in the war to discourage this 77-year-old white male from jumping into the primary is HuffPost, which is not as rabidly far-left as CNN, but in the same ballpark.

HuffPost’s big, lead, banner story Tuesday is “Joe Biden’s Primary Problem [is] Joe Biden.”

The story is about 55 thousandmillion words that boil down to…

In more than four decades of public service, Biden has enthusiastically championed policies favored by financial elites, forging alliances with Wall Street and the political right to notch legislative victories that ran counter to the populist ideas that now animate his party. If he declares for the presidency, Biden will face a Democratic electorate that has moved on from his brand of politics.

…which means the title of the piece is not accurate. Biden’s problem is not Biden; Biden’s problem is that he is not left-wing enough for HuffPost, for the craziest crazies in the Democrat base.

The same is true of CNN. The problem is not that no one in that stupid focus group supports Biden, the problem is that CNN rigged the focus group so that no one would support Biden.

HuffPost is gaming the system out of the fear a more centrist Biden might win the nomination, which would mean the party is not as Ocasio-Crazy as HuffPost would like, and the race-obsessed CNN is smearing Biden as a “good ole’ boy” in a phony focus group to pave the way for someone who is not an old, white male.

Hey, there’s no upside for me to defend Biden. He is probably the guy with the best chance of defeating President Trump in 2020 (the state of the economy will matter most, though). The polls certainly say Biden has the best shot.

But this is worth pointing out because it is yet another example of how corrupt, dishonest, and manipulative the establishment media are, how desperate they are to meddle in the Democrat primary.

The very idea that CNN is getting away with calling six people a focus group…

The American media is broken.

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