Nolte: Snopes Reprints Blog Declaring ‘Feelings’ and ‘Emotion’ Trump Facts

Vice President Mike Pence (L) claps as U.S. President Donald Trump takes the stage during a campaign rally at the Target Center on October 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The rally follows a week of a contentious back and forth between President Trump and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. (Photo by …
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Editor’s note: the article cited in this piece was originally published at The Conversation but appeared at Snopes in full. We have updated the article to make that distinction clear.

Just like he did with far-left CNN, President Trump has just forced the phony, left-wing fact check site Snopes to throw out every standard of professional journalism.

In a stunning admission (of what we already knew), Snopes reprinted an essay Thursday arguing that Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are such unique threats to the world that “experts must find new ways to reach people.” Which means that — get this — Trump and Johnson must be “countered by the shared stories, experiences and emotions of real people and how they are affected by the big global issues.”

The blog post by professors David Knights and Torkild Thanem was first published at The Conversation but re-run by Snopes in full. “Public austerity measures, for example, are not simply about financial facts,” they mewl. “Indeed, when presented merely as economic data, many people can neither identify with nor understand them. Instead, austerity poses problems that compel us to examine how they affect people and families in their daily lives. The experiences of those individuals must be shared.”

The professors promise to get just as ridiculous with other left-wing causes, specifically when it comes to stopping Brexit and furthering the Global Warming Hoax:

Whether examining Brexit, public austerity measures or the effects of climate change, one limitation is that facts and data generated through quantitative social research are presented as if detached from the people they concern as well as those involved in their production. Far removed from people’s lived experiences, they risk displacing any sense of what it is to be human. As such, they are, perhaps, too easy to dismiss.

This is actually good news. The mask is now removed forever.

What’s more, posting this article — without any caveat that it does not reflect the site’s editorial position — is a surrender on the part of Snopes, an admission that people are not falling for the selective facts and hand-picked experts that these fake fact-check sites use to avoid inconvenient truths, such as the fact that their so-called climate experts are 0-41 with their doomsday predictions.

So now, because alternative media is able to counter fact checkers like Snopes’ non-stop bullshit with actual data, logic, and truth, these sore losers are going to resort to shameless and subjective acts of emotional blackmail.

That is what Snopes’ reblog is announcing here… A totally one-sided campaign of emotional blackmail against Trump, Brexit, Johnson, and on behalf of the socialist crusade riding the Climate Change Hoax.

If you want to know how misguided, partisan, unprofessional, and desperate this is, consider the following… The personal, emotional, and feelings-filled stories Snopes will never tell, will ensure its stupid readers never get a chance to read…

Oh, no, there will be no Snopes stories laying out the terrible consequence on the rights of the individual crushed under central government totalitarianism. There will be no emotional blackmail on behalf of the human spirit smothered under the unelected bureaucrats who rule Europe, or the horror show that is the Green New Deal, or the violation of human conscience at the hands of a Democrat Party that is now openly pledging to confiscate our firearms, tax our churches out of existence, and destroy women’s sports with this transsexual mania.

Just as our confident belligerence in blasting CNN with the Truth has forced that garbage fire to reveal its terrible and true self at the cost of its viewers and credibility, so too are we chipping away at Snopes’ composure and phony veneer of objectivity.

This is a huge victory.

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