Nolte: 55% of Americans Say Mainstream Media Are ‘Corrupt’

CNN attorney Ted Boutrous delivers remarks outside US District Court following a hearing on CNN's case against the White House regarding White House correspondent Jim Acosta November 14, 2018 in Washington, DC. - Media groups including Fox News joined CNN's legal battle Wednesday to restore Acosta's White House pass, as …

A Senior List poll of 1,000 adults show that 55 percent of respondents correctly believe the “mainstream media is corrupt” and “exaggerates most issues.”

What’s so striking about this poll is that, like most polls of “all adults,” it leans to the left. For instance, by a margin of 74 to ten percent, respondents say the Climate Change Hoax is real. By a margin of 57 to 23 percent, people incorrectly believe illegal aliens are treated inhumanely in American detention centers. Finally, by a margin of 74 to 14 percent, people falsely believe there is a pay gap between men and women.

Almost every single question on this poll shows the left is winning all the arguments, so we are not talking about a right-leaning poll.

Nevertheless, when asked if the “mainstream media is corrupt” a majority of 55 percent said it is, while only 24 percent disagreed.

And the poll is not asking about “bias”; it specifically uses the word “corrupt.” That’s a big deal, no?

And you have to take note of the term “mainstream media,” which is widely considered to be what we here at Breitbart News call the establishment media, or the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, etc.

Those polled basically explained why they believe (correctly) the “mainstream media is corrupt” when they were asked about specific issues covered by the mainstream media.

On the specific issue of treatment of illegal immigrants in our detention centers, Russia interference in our elections, police brutality, sexual assault/#MeToo movement, and gun violence, an overwhelming number of Republicans and a majority of self-identified independents argue that the media exaggerate those issues.

Gee, ya think?

Obviously, none of these results are surprising, especially after five-plus years of…

  • The Trayvon Martin Hoax
  • The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Hoax
  • The Trump Has No Chance of Winning Hoax
  • The Russia Collusion Hoax
  • The KKKovington KKKids Hoax
  • The Brett Kavanaugh: Serial Rapist Hoax
  • The Very Fine People Hoax
  • The Virginia Gun Protest Is Gunna Be a Klan Rally Hoax
  • The Jussie Smollet Hoax
  • The Ukraine Hoax

And poll after poll backs up this latest poll.

The American people have lost total faith in the media, and yet the media are doing nothing to regain credibility. They just keep lying and spreading fake news.

Why is that, you might ask…

Well, that’s because the media’s far-left agenda is more important to these liars, a much higher priority than what their real job is, which is to inform the public.


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