Nolte: All the Establishment Media’s Dangerous Coronavirus Lies – Part 3

President Donald Trump responds to questions during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House, Sunday, April 5, 2020, in Washington. Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, left, and Navy Rear Adm. John Polowczyk, supply chain task force lead at FEMA, right, listen. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Our sociopathic American media continue to lie, mislead, stoke panic, and behave in ways that prove that their only desire is to up the death count. Fifty-thousand dead Americans are not enough. The media are counting on hundreds of thousands dead and a decimated economy, all in the hopes of ushering in an era of radical Democrat rule…

During this pandemic, the media’s lies have come so fast and so furious, we have been forced to only focus on the “dangerous” lies. Documenting the daily barrage of lies is simply impossible, the act of drinking out of a fire hose, a dog bites man story — reporting water is wet.

Anyway, here is part one, part two, and on to part three…

  1. New York Times: Trump Ignored Experts Who Wanted Country Closed in February

The far-left New York Times blasted President Trump on Easter Sunday with a litany of serial lies that claimed the president knew the coronavirus was coming and ignored medical experts who were urging him to close the country all the way back in February.

Dr. Anthony Fauci debunked this lie (and this entire narrative) the following day when he informed the public that Trump not only took the advice of his medical team the very first time he was advised to shut down the country, but that he has always accepted their recommendations and has done so immediately.

What’s more, the very idea that medical experts were urging Trump to shut down the country in February is absurd. On the last day of February, Fauci said it was still safe to go to the movies, malls, and gyms. As late as March 9, Fauci was telling everyone it was still okay to hold campaign rallies in certain areas and safe for the healthy to take a cruise.

  1. CNN’s Chris Cuomo Remained Heroically Quarantined Until Cleared

After he was diagnosed with the China virus, for weeks and weeks and weeks, CNNLOL and Chris Cuomo pretended the basement-rated anchor was selflessly holed up in his basement as a means to protect his family and the rest of us from infection.

This bald-faced lie extended to CNN event programming that showed Fredo triumphantly exiting his basement for the first time.

The truth, though, is that Cuomo violated his quarantine on Easter Sunday with a 30-minute trip to some property he’s developing. The trip included his wife and kids.

Cuomo’s wife and 14-year-old son were both eventually infected.

As of today, Chris Cuomo is the only American I know of who, while knowing he was infected and, therefore, infectious, deliberately violated his quarantine and put others at risk of a deadly disease.

  1. Trump Slowed Delivery of Stimulus Checks with His Signature

Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) paid no media price for delaying desperately needed stimulus funds for weeks with her refusal to support a clean bill that would have simply replenished the Paycheck Protection Act, the very same corporate media spread the fake news that because Trump wanted his signature on stimulus checks, this held up the mailing of those checks.

This was debunked as a lie.

  1. Trump’s Council on Reopening the Country Is Staffed with Only Donors and Supporters

Far-left ABC News hid from the public the names of those on the council who do not support Trump.

  1. New York Times Claims Sean Hannity Killed a Man

The deranged and deliberately dishonest New York Times once again proved just how unreliable it is with the ludicrous story of how Fox News’s Sean Hannity is responsible for the death of a man who took the coronavirus threat lightly.

According to the Times, Joe Joyce, a Brooklyn tavern owner, died on April 9 of the coronavirus. Without proof, the Times claimed Joyce caught the virus on a cruise he would not have taken were it not for Sean Hannity’s comments about how Hannity “didn’t like the way that the American people were getting scared ‘unnecessarily’ [and] saw it all, he said, ‘as like, let’s bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.’”

There was just one little problem…

Well, there were a few, actually…

  • Joyce left for his cruise on March 1.
  • Hannity made the comments in question on March 9.
  • On February 27, just a few days before Joyce embarked on his cruise, the fake “journalist” who wrote this very same Hannity hit-piece, tweeted out her belief the China virus was a nothingburger.
  • There’s no proof Joyce contracted the virus on the cruise.
  • One day before Joyce left on his cruise, Dr. Fauci told the world it was still safe to go to the movies, mall, and gym.

Eventually, the Times was forced to secretly and silently re-edit its fake news debacle.

Hannity says that before the piece was published, he spent an hour on the phone with the Times laying out the timeline. The Times still published what it knew was a lie.

  1. Trump’s Responsible for Coronavirus Deaths

Not only was Trump not slow to act, the idea that he is in any way responsible for anyone’s death is ludicrous.

  1. Dr. Rick Bright Was Fired over Opposition to Hydroxychloroquine

Some guy named Rick Bright is claiming he was booted by the White House over his opposition to hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus.

Naturally, the fake media ran wild with this story. The truth, though, is that Bright’s removal was in the works all the way back in January over his incompetence.

Oh, and we now have internal emails proving he praised hydroxychloroquine.

During Thursday’s coronavirus briefing, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and her crone face shrieked at and heckled Trump over this, even though the far-left Politico had debunked it hours earlier.

  1. Trump Proposed Coronavirus Sufferers Be Injected with Bleach, or Something

The fake media are getting desperate.

  1. Trump Hired a “Labradoodle Breeder” to Lead Coronavirus Task Force

On Wednesday, fake news wire service Reuters fired off this horseshit headline: “Special Report: Former Labradoodle Breeder Was Tapped to Lead U.S. Pandemic Task Force,” which quickly flew around the world.

More desperate lies.

Describing Brian Harrison as a “labradoodle breeder,” someone who served at the Department of Health and Human Services under both George W. Bush and President Donald Trump, is like describing Walt Disney as a newspaper boy.

Yes, for a time Harrison worked in the family breeding business. Yes, for a time, Walt Disney delivered newspapers for his father. But come on…

  1. Biden Adviser Claimed 100 Million Americans Would Be Infected by Now

During a March 27 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisory group, shrieked about how 100 million Americans would be infected within four weeks.

“Right now, if you look at the numbers, we probably have a million COVID-19 cases in the country,” he said while no one pushed back. “And if this is doubling every three to four days, that means that we’ll have 100 million people who have COVID-19 in about four weeks, and that’s a frightening thought.”

He was only off by 99 million and change.

  1. Washington Post Reporter Lies About Price of Disinfectant Touted by White House

The Trump administration’s health experts are telling people that a specific kind of isopropyl alcohol cleaner effectively kills the coronavirus in 30 seconds on surfaces. Obviously, this is very helpful information that might save any number of people from becoming infected.

But because the corporate media are staffed with sociopaths desperate to increase the body count, the Post‘s Amber Phillips thought she’d “own” Trump and discourage people from purchasing this substance by posting a screenshot of how much this cleaner costs… a whopping $2,375!!!

There was just one problem…

Phillips deliberately and dishonestly framed her screenshot to remove the fact that the $2,375 item was a 55-gallon barrel of isopropyl alcohol:

The truth is that isopropyl alcohol is quite affordable. I actually purchased a half-gallon of it last month for less than $2.00.

It should be noted that this is the same Amber Phillips who spread the lie that Trump declared the coronavirus a hoax even after her own employer’s left-wing fact checker debunked that lie.

Serial liar Amber Phillips has now locked her Twitter account — but still has a job.

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