Nolte: CNN’s Jake Tapper Was a Willing #Obamagate Co-Conspirator

Moderator Jake Tapper during a CNN Florida's governor debate Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t just spend the last few years deliberately spreading fake news about the now-debunked Russia Collusion Hoax; we must never forget he was also a willing #Obamagate co-conspirator.

Although he eagerly participated in spreading disinformation and deliberately deceiving the public with lies about President Trump conspiring with Russia to steal the presidency, Tapper also actively worked with the #Obamagate conspirators — the disgraced James Comey, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Susan Rice, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Ron Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, and the rest — to facilitate the conspiracy, to further an active coup to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

I’m not even talking about the countless goddamn times this goddamned Deep State Stooge allowed Adam Schiff and countless others to come on his basement-rated CNNLOL show to accuse Trump of conspiring with Russians and do so without ever once paying a price for not producing even a tiny bit of evidence to back up that allegation. (Spoiler alert: there was never any evidence, not even a tiny bit.)

I’m not even talking about all the goddamned lies this goddamned Deep State Stooge told, one goddamned lie after another after another after another after another

I’m not even talking about the naked McCarthyism this goddamned Deep State Stooge engaged in for years.

No, what I’m talking about is this goddamned Deep State Stooge directly colluding with the Brennans, with the Comeys, directly conniving with the Obama administration, to put in place one of the most crucial parts of the four-part plan to overthrow the 2016 presidential election.

The first part, of course, was to frame Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for lying to the FBI (a non-crime Flynn was not even guilty of), to get him out of the way so he would not discover all of the spying and wiretapping the Obama administration had committed against Trump, against a rival campaign.

The second part was to use illegal leaks to intimidate Attorney General Jeff Sessions into recusing himself from the Russia investigation, which would allow Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein to install part three, which was…

The appointment of befuddled figurehead Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. While Mueller ate oatmeal and watched Matlock reruns, his rabid gang of prosecutors and investigators (all Democrats) were assigned to either frame Trump for Russia collusion or to hunt and hunt and hunt until they were able to come up with some kind — any kind — of crime.

But then there was this goddamned Deep State Stooge Jake Tapper and his crucial part of the conspiracy, the part that the conspirators hoped would destroy the incoming president by way of the January 10, 2016,  bombshell news (and fake news) that the Russians had compromising information about Trump, that there was a “Russian Dossier” so humiliating to the soon-to-be president, he could only betray his country if he wanted to avoid the kind of public embarrassment no public official could survive.

You see, the fake news media had been in possession of what we now call the Russia Dossier for most of the previous year. And that document is a totally phony opposition research shitpile bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

With no small amount of help from conniving, bitter, and dishonorable Never Trumpers like John McCain, this pile of lies was seeded throughout the media. But the dossier was so unreliable and so unverifiable that even our fake news media refused to report on it. Not that they didn’t try. But the dossier was such a garbage pile of lies that even with billions and billions of corporate dollars at their disposal, the media could not verify a single piece of it. So it never broke into the campaign news cycle.

Obviously, another reason it was never reported on during the campaign was that no one believed Trump could win, so there was no reason to use it.

But once Trump did win, a wave of justifiable panic hit the outgoing administration. The Obama administration knew the incoming Trump administration would quickly discover Obama had illegally spied on and wiretapped their campaign.

The media also panicked because Trump made total fools of all their overpaid analysts and experts, all their Chuck Todds, who said there was no way Trump could win.

So the Russia Conspiracy Theory was hatched. If Trump could be framed for colluding with Russia to steal the presidential election, the media’s overpaid experts and analysts and Chuck Todds could claim vindication: Hey, we didn’t know he would cheat!

Better still, Trump would be so sullied as a traitor, Obama’s wiretapping and spying and FISA fraud would be seen as legitimate, even heroic.

All good, but…

Deep State Traitor #1: How do we convince the public Trump is a Russian spy?

Deep State Traitor #2: Easy: we release Hillary’s dossier.

Deep State Traitor #1: But the dossier is full of lies. It’s all bullshit.

Deep State Traitor #2: So what?

Deep State Traitor #1: Yeah. “So what?” Good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

Deep State Traitor #2: The only problem is that the media have had the dossier for a year and haven’t released it, and it’s going to look suspicious if they release it now.

Deep State Traitor #1: So we need a news hook and a willing patsy.

Deep State Traitor #2: Have you met Jake Tapper?

Deep State Traitor #1: I think so. There’s this guy that whenever I enter his office he drops his pants, bends over, and asks me what I need.

Deep State Traitor #2: Yep, that’s him. So we’ll give him a news hook for cover. We’ll brief Drumpf on the dossier and tell Tapper to break the news that “the incoming President of the United States has been briefed by the intelligence community”– [That’s us!] — “that the Russians have compromising information on him!”

Deep State Traitor #1: You think he’ll do it?

Deep State Traitor #2: After we swear him in as an honorary fed and give him the fake badge, he’ll bark like a dog if we want him to.

And that’s exactly what happened…

Three traitors — Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, and CIA Director John Brennan — all set Trump up. They briefed him on the phony dossier for no other reason than it allowed them to leak the news of the briefing to Tapper … who would then go on to dutifully bend over and bark like the lying dog he is. 

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