Nolte: Number of Americans with Zero Confidence in Media Hits Record High

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Joyce N. Boghosian

Gallup’s annual poll measuring the public trust in mass media found a record high number of those who have no trust at all.

Six in ten of those polled have  have “not very much” trust (27 percent)  in the media, while those who have “none at all” hit a record 33 percent.

Only four in ten say they have “a great deal” (nine percent) or “fair amount” (31 percent) of trust in mass media.

The 40 percent number who do — for some dumb reason — trust the media is higher than the 32 percent record low achieved during the 2016 presidential election, but it is also down five points since 2018.

The 33 percent with no trust whatsoever is a record high.

One-third of the country has written the national media off entirely.

The national media’s sharp turn to the far-left does appear to have helped its standing with Democrats, who apparently enjoyed being serially lied to, so long as the lies hit their sweet spot. A full 73 percent of Democrats say they trust the media a “great deal or fair amount.” This is just three points below 2018’s record high of 76 percent.

Republicans’ trust of the media hit an all-time low of just ten percent.

Only ten percent of Republicans have any trust in the media.

The fake media have also lost Independents. Only 36 percent say they have any trust in what the media says, which is only a point or two higher from a record low.

Gallup has been tracking these numbers going back to 1972 when trust in the media floated somewhere between 68 and 72 percent throughout the 1970s.

The decline began in the late 1990s. In 1997, only 53 percent had any trust in the media; a number that collapsed to just 44 percent in 2004 and has never really recovered.

This isn’t surprising, for it was in 2004 when the media was caught firing off lie after lie after lie to defeat Republican George W. Bush’s re-election effort, including the infamous Rathergate incident where CBS News anchor Dan Rather was caught red-handed using phony documents to question the president’s National Guard service.

My faith in the national media has been a 35 year journey. As a left-wing Democrat for the seven years between 1984 and 1991, I had no issues with the media. Thought they were great.

After I moved to the right and watched the media massacre President George H.W. Bush in 1992 with lies about grocery store scanners and the health of the economy, I saw the pervasive bias.

Between 2002 and 2004 as the media targeted Bush Jr. for destruction, I began to loathe media.

By 2008, watching the media cover up for Barack Obama and pick Sarah Palin apart with a breathtaking cruelty, I hated the media.

Today, I pay the media no mind and just assume everything they report is a lie, and then laugh when it’s exposed as a lie, and wonder why so many Democrats enjoy being lied to, even if the lies are lies Democrats enjoy.

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