Nolte: Disgraced CNN’s Ratings Fall Off a Cliff

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The disgraced, far-left hate network CNN is experiencing a catastrophic decline in viewership.

For the most recent week available, CNNLOL has failed to average even a million viewers during its primetime hours. In total day, the racist outlet barely climbs over 600,000 average viewers.

Here’s the breakdown for the week of May 10…

Average Primetime Viewers:

Fox: 2.348 million

MSNBC: 1.487 million

CNNLOL: 932,000

Average Total Day Viewers:

Fox: 1.303 million

MSNBC: 833,000

CNNLOL: 629,000

Compared to this same week last year, CNNLOL has lost 38 percent of primetime viewers and 40 percent of its total day viewers.

Fox lost 33 percent of its primetime audience and 31 percent of total day viewers. MSNBC lost 28 percent of its primetime viewers and 31 percent in total day.

CNNLOL’s collapse is no one-week fluke.

April was a catastrophe for the conspiracy network. Compared to the same month last year, CNNLOL lost 47 percent of its primetime audience and 48 percent in total day. Throughout the entire month, which saw plenty of news, including the Derek Chauvin trial, the hate outlet was only able to summon 1.03 million average primetime viewers and 786,000 average total day viewers.

Fox lost 39 percent of its primetime audience in April 2021 when compared to the previous year’s April, and 46 percent of total day viewers, but still averaged 2.236 million primetime viewers and 1.218 million total viewers. Fox is more than doubling CNNLOL in primetime viewership.

MSNBC lost just 32 percent of its primetime audience in April 2021 when compared to the previous year’s April, and 26 percent of its total day viewers, but pulled in 1.581 million primetime viewers and 953,000 average total day viewers.

In primetime, far-left MSNBC is walloping far-left CNNLOL.

It’s not at all difficult to understand why viewers prefer Fox over CNNLOL… It’s also not difficult to understand why viewers vastly prefer MSNBC over CNNLOL…

Laughably, the entire CNNLOL outlet is premised on the lie of “objective journalism,” while MSNBC admits what it is, which basically left-wing talk radio with pictures.

CNNLOL is also a much more desperate and flailing hate outlet than MSNBC. MSNBC spreads a lot of lies, like Rachel Maddow’s three-year reign as the Queen of the Russia Collusion Hoax, but CNNLOL spreads racism, hate, violence, anarchy, and ruin. It’s a wicket and hideous outlet run by and staffed with liars and bigots who just want to watch our country burn to the ground.

While I realize there’s been plenty of talk already about CNNLOL’s ratings collapse, because of the fickle nature of the news cycle and news business, I wanted to wait and see how things shook out. Well, I’ve waited long enough and now it’s clear that CNNLOL is a failing enterprise… Which is good to see.

And now that Fredo’s been caught red-handed conspiring with his brother to delegitimize alleged sexual assault survivors, I doubt things are going to improve over there.

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