Post-Election Survey: Voters Have No Confidence in Media

Rush Limbaugh calls them "Democrats with bylines."

Most voters who watched the second Presidential debate saw CNN's Candy Crowley jump in and bail out President Barack Obama when he stumbled on Benghazi and correctly concluded she was biased in his favor.

Many conservatives noticed how the mainstream media has played the role of Nixon's henchmen rather than Woodward and Bernstein in the Benghazi coverup and reporting on the Hurricane Sandy federal response debacle.

Now a new survey completed by Breitbart News and Judicial Watch on election night confirms that most voters have no confidence in the media. As the press release announcing the results stated:

77% of voters agreed with the statement: “The press is more likely to favor one candidate for office over another at the expense of their journalistic objectivity.” (emphasis added)

More than half--57%--strongly agreed, while only 7% strongly disagreed. 

While 92% of Republicans agreed with the statement that the media was biased in favor of one candidate over another, a surprising 58% of Democrats shared that sentiment. Among Independents, 77% agreed that there was media bias.

There was little difference between the genders, as well. 80% of men and 74% of women agreed that the media favored one candidate over the other.

Skepticism of the media's objectivity is highest among the youngest. 81% of voters aged 18-34 agreed that the media favored one candidate over the other.

High levels of media distrust, especially among younger voters, suggest that it will be increasingly difficult in future campaigns for the mainstream media to get away with the blatant bias they exhibited in the 2012 Presidential election. While it's likely that media bias influenced the outcome of the election, voters were keenly aware of what the media was doing.


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