Lansing Mayor Tells Mob 'I Am Proud Of You' as City Erupts in Chaos

On Tuesday, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero declared his love for a mob occupying a building across the street from where he was speaking. Only a few hundred yards away and less than half an hour before his remarks, a mob had destroyed an Americans For Prosperity tent with people inside.

The mayor told the crowd: 

Welcome to Lansing! We are proud to have you here in our city. We welcome you with open arms. And I have to tell you my friends, my brothers and sisters, as ashamed as I am of what happened in that building [the Michigan Capitol], I am proud of you.

Across the street, a mob of SEIU loyalists had taken over the George Romney building as the mayor was giving his speech. Staging a sitdown protest and blocking the door of the building, a bullhorn weilding mob of would-be community organizers urged them on. 

Just 20 minutes before the speech where he expressed how proud he was of the protesters, an angry mob of them had leveled a tent with people from Americans For Prosperity inside. 

"You are a sight for sore eyes. I don’t know when downtown Lansing has ever looked this good," Bernero declared. "Thank you for reminding everybody who this building and this flag belong to -- It's the people!” The mayor led the crowd in a chant about "the people" before concluding with “Damn right!”

Apparently, only "the people" who agree with the protesters' agenda matter. Bernero then pivoted to Occupy-themed rhetoric to further incite the crowd:

This is the real Michigan. It ain’t the 1%, it’s the 99! It’s the 99! Who’s in charge? The 99! Who is it? Who counts? Who matters? Who’s in the charge? Who makes the rules?

Photo credit: Breitbart News/Lee Stranahan


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