Democrat Professor: Gun Control Is Not Good Public Policy

Last week, Quinnipiac University economist Mark Gius faced accusations of possessing a "political agenda" following his study which showed the failures of gun control. On January 6th, he appeared on Fox News to tell naysayers: "I'm actually a Democrat," and reiterate the idea that gun control is not good public policy.

As Breitbart News reported on January 4th, Gius' study showed that less restrictive concealed carry laws save lives, while gun control measures like "assault weapons" bans are largely ineffective. Gius was immediately accused of having a "political agenda," among other things.

On Monday, he answered his accusers with, "I'm actually a Democrat." He told Fox News' Jenna Lee he undertook the study because he knew gun control was going to be pushed as a solution to the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, and he wanted to see if it really would work. His focus began with "assault weapons" bans and expanded to concealed carry.

Gius told Lee, "I'm just a college professor... [and] I look at this as a public policy question."

He said he focused on "the gun-related murder rate because... that would be the crime rate most affected by gun control." He believed studies prior to his had focused on categories of crime that were too broad to really reveal whether gun control did or didn't work.

His study showed that less restrictive concealed carry laws save lives but "assault weapons" bans do not. Based on this, gun control is not good public policy. 

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