Obama Campaign Email Relays Message from Beyoncé

The Obama campaign has been struggling lately. Obama's "you didn't build that" gaffe capped weeks of gloomy jobs numbers and falling likability for the President. But if there's one thing team Obama has going for it, it's a surfeit of telegenic celebrities. 

George Clooney is doing fundraisers; Eva Longoria is acting as a campaign surrogate. Then yesterday they brought out the big guns:

John --

I want to share a letter I wrote to Michelle Obama.

Watch this video and see why she inspires me every day -- I'm proud that my daughter will grow up in a world where she has people like the First Lady to look up to.

Join me in adding your name to Women for Obama to support her and President Obama in this election:




I was sure I was never going to get a letter signed "Love, Beyoncé." But it turns out all I had to do was join Obama's mailing list. Here's the video the campaign produced about the very special letter Beyoncé wrote to the first lady:

What's disturbing is that the campaign clearly believes some people will choose to vote based on this.


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