Jay Mohr Calls for Gun Ban in Wake of Boston Bombing

Comedian Jay Mohr joined Michael Moore as one of only a few celebrities to exploit the April 15 bombing in Boston to further a political cause.

Mohr, who hosts both a podcast and a sports radio show, used yesterday's terrorist attack to rail against ... guns.

Jay Mohr tweets ban guns

Mohr apparently suffered severe Twitter brushback as a result.

Jay Mohr tweet fallout

In true comic tradition, he then retweeted some of the nastier comments made about him regarding his gun statements. Mohr, a man of faith, tried to explain he was simply sick of seeing tragedy atop tragedy on his TV screen and wasn't trying to make a political point. He wrapped his statements on the issue with this:

Timothy 1:7 my friend. We are a people of power, love, and wisdom. Grace and peace.” Good night


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