Media Matters Project 2012: Attack Limbaugh

Kerry Pickett summarizes it succinctly over at the Washington Times. The current assault on Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers is no accident; it's all part of a plan: Media Matters Project 2012. And it has nothing to do with balance, or fairness.

Here are some strategy excerpts from Media Matters Project 2012 to consider when the left attacks Limbaugh and how they attack others who do not relay their agenda to the masses.

In the section MMFA titles "Creating a Culture of Corporate Accountability" the organization recognizes that while it has been aggressively attacking "the out-of-power right-wing noise machine," it has also found that its "successful advertising targeted campaigns in 2009, proving that by highlighting the damage that certain media outlets and individuals do to political discourse and the opportunity for reasoned accurate, and informed debate, we can prevail on advertisers, the media, and the public to act in the public interest."

Note the timing. This article came out on November 23, 2010, just weeks after the Democrats took a beating at the polls. David Brock is not some media crusader, he's a Democrat operative and his goal is to help the Democrats. To the extent any opposition to them can be weakened, or beaten in the media, it benefits the party electorally and on certain issues. In fact, as an aside, there were people telling the Republican Party about what the possibilities were and what was coming even before 2010. I know, I was one of them.

In what may prove a significant development for the 2012 elections, David Brock, a prominent Democratic political operative, says he has amassed $4 million in pledges over the last few weeks and is moving quickly to hire a staff to set up what he hopes will become a permanent liberal counterweight over the airwaves to the Republican-leaning outside groups that spent so heavily on this year’s midterm elections.

With the coming of age of the Internet as a means of communication and a source for news, America's political battle space has shifted and will continue to. Media Matters was initially designed to combat the right as it was thought they had the advantage, primarily through Beltway-based media and think tanks Hillary Clinton once characterized as a vast right wing conspiracy. What we're seeing today is the fruit of conspirators on the left who conspired to build a better mouse trap. To some extent, they did.

From Sandra Fluke, to Media Matters and other initiaitves, that, to a degree, is what trapped Beck, Dobbs and others and is currently trying very aggressively to take down Rush.


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