Newly Discovered Footage of Andrew Breitbart Debating the Left and the Media at Occupy LA

Breitbart News is releasing newly-discovered footage of Andrew Breitbart at Occupy Los Angeles, confronting and debating radical activists as police began moving in to clear out the protest site last fall. The footage was captured on a standard Flip camera in the middle of the night on November 27-28, 2011, and was never published--though images from the event were tweeted at the time. 48 hours later, police completed the eviction.

In the footage, Andrew Breitbart is seen debating masked anarchists as well as an unidentified NBC News executive who had arrived to support the demonstrators ahead of their impending removal. Across several segments, Breitbart offers a concise, nuanced analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement, contrasting its revolutionary, destructive ambitions with the patriotic constitutionalism of the conservative Tea Party movement:

...people falsely ascribe to this group [Occupy] patriotism when some, not all, have been organized by international socialists, international anarchists, and international Palestinian pro-intifada groups, OK? A subset are people who are patriotic and want to change the system. But I’ve been able to prove, through Google-able documents, that many of the people who organized [Occupy Wall Street on] September 17th did so with the nefarious purposes of saying they want to destroy the system, including Lisa Fithian, who has been an international organizer... She was asked, “Can this system be reformed?” She says, “No, it has to be burned to the ground.”...

Limiting government to its original, foundational construct is not unpatriotic. I--you show me where he [unnamed Tea Party figure] says something that sounds incendiary and counter-revolutionary.

The release of the footage comes as two documentaries involving Andrew Breitbart are screening at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. One is the premiere of Hating Breitbart, directed by Andrew Marcus, about Breitbart’s career in new media and his defense of the Tea Party. The other is Stephen K. Bannon’s Occupy Unmasked, in which Breitbart helps expose the radicalism of the media’s favorite movement.

Members of the Breitbart team will be on hand for both films, and will introduce Occupy Unmasked on Thursday at 4 p.m. EDT at the Citizens United Theater at Liberty Plaza.


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