DOD to Troops: Don't Speak Ill of the Quran

Ever since religious materials from terrorist detainees in Afghanistan were burned because “they contained extremist messages or inscriptions,” there have been ongoing, orchestrated attacks on our troops.

And I’m not talking about the attacks coming from our enemies in the Taliban or angry Afghan troops incited to kill our military personnel by the non-stop news about the burnings.

Rather, I’m talking about the attacks that have come from the Obama Administration’s Department of Defense (DOD), which has hedged our troops in and tied their hands ever since the materials that “contained extremist messages or inscriptions” were burned.

In short, the DOD is treating our troops as infidels just as our jihadist enemies do. And if you think I go too far suggesting this, consider the sensitivity training guidelines the DOD published to prevent our troops from offending the Taliban again. Titled “Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials Service Members/Training Guide,” here are the first two guidelines:

Verbal disrespect for Islam and/or the Quran is as inappropriate as physical desecration of the Quran.

If you must search a location of a person’s belongings, ask them if they have a Quran or religious item present. If so, ask them to remove it or put it in a suitable place before conducting the search.

In case you missed it, according to these first two guidelines, non-Muslim members of our military are not only barred from touching a Quran but also from speaking disrespectfully of one.

All this time we’ve been led to believe the problem was the burning of religious materials, but it appears the real problem was a lack a respect for Islam shown by the infidels in our military--also known as "hate speech" or "thought crime."

The guidelines go on to indicate that pieces of paper on which verses from the Quran have been written, verses with contain “the name of Allah,” are also not to be touched by the infidels in our military. I suppose it goes without saying that no verbal disrespect can be shown to these pieces of paper either.

The guidelines continue for days, but toward the end they highlight one important point for our infidels: if they absolutely have to dispose of Islamic religious materials, they have to bring an “Afghanistan National Army Religious Culture Affairs Officer” in to do it for them.

And you thought we intended to win the War on Terror.


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