Carter: Iran Sanctions Might Work This Time

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, former President Jimmy Carter couldn’t keep from expressing his opposition to Israel’s potential military strikes against Iran.

He criticized “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [for being] much more eager to go to war with Iran than President Obama” but didn’t bother taking note of the fact that Israel’s posture is one of self-defense while Obama’s posture is indicative of the anti-militaristic mentality that marks so many '60s radicals.

Yet Carter wasn’t finished. He also said that a continuation of “economic sanctions would be [an] adequate” avenue to avoiding war. When I see statements like this from Carter, I wonder if he’s ever been able to connect the dots as to why the Iranians sensed a weakness in his foreign policy sufficient to allow them to raid our embassy in Tehran in 1979 and hold American hostages for more than 440 days.

In other news, Carter also tipped his hat to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying he’d recently met with them and was convinced that “they know it’s very important to Egypt to maintain peace with Israel.”

Added Carter:

They assured me personally — and they have made public statements accordingly — that they will honor the peace treaty that I helped to negotiate back in 1979 … and I don’t have any doubt that they will carry out their promise to me.

So Carter has his back to Israel and his face towards the Muslim Brotherhood. Is he, by chance, the only person yet to realize that his presidency was a failure?


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