Iran's Supreme Leader Praises Obama's Israel Stonewalling

President Barack Obama has been working overtime to convince Jewish voters that he’s pro-Israel while simultaneously doing everything he can to keep Israel from taking pre-emptive action against the growing threat in Iran. He’s even offered to give the Israelis “advanced weaponry” systems in exchange for their pledge not to attack Iranian nuclear sites.

In other words, the Israelis are being offered advanced weaponry on the condition that they don’t use it. That’s like offering someone a gun on the condition that they never put bullets in it. Whoopee.

Of course the Iranians sure are impressed with the fine job Obama is doing on their behalf, and to prove it, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is praising President Obama for trying to dissuade Israel from attacking Iran. And to hedge his bets, the Khamenei also made it clear that “there would be consequences for the United States… if a premature strike is launched on Iran.”

Can you imagine what President Ronald Reagan would have done if Khamenei had talked to him like that?

Anyway, Khamenei isn’t the only one who sees Obama on Iran’s side as the confrontation between Israel and the Islamic Republic is coming to a head. DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) has also said she’s fielding a lot of email from “her friends and family members… raising doubts about the president’s support for the Jewish state.” Nevertheless, Shultz is standing by President Obama on this one, even writing editorials in defense of Obama’s supposed support for Israel.

I actually want Wasserman Schultz to be correct for Israel’s sake. I really do. However, I fear that Khamenei is feeling his oats for a reason. It’s as if he senses that Obama’s knees have gone wobbly on this one.


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