White House Denies Israel Requested New Bunker Busters

The U.S. federal government now denies that it discussed giving Israel bunker buster bombs to better strike Iran's nuclear facilities, according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Haaretz lays out the timeline of the contradiction:

On Tuesday, Haaretz quoted a U.S. official as indicating that Netanyahu had asked Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for the GBU-28 bunker busting bombs as well as for advanced refueling aircraft.

The source added that Obama then instructed Panetta to start work on a request to work directly with Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the matter, indicating that the U.S. administration was inclined to look favorably upon the request as soon as possible.

However, Carney's comments on Thursday seemed to specifically relate to those meetings participated by Obama and Netanyahu, while failing to comment about the content of other lower-level talks.

"We have obviously high-level cooperation between the Israeli military and the U.S. military, and at other levels and with other agencies within their government and our government", Carney said, "adding: "That was not a subject of discussion in the president's meetings."

There are three scenarios that could have created this situation. First, Carney could be telling the truth, which means that some anonymous source in the White House is either leaking false information to increase the President's appeal to Jewish voters or to embarrass him when the comments need to be walked back.

Second, Obama may have promised these weapons to Netanyahu, and Carney simply has to deny it to allow the deal to go through privately without an international incident.

Third, Obama may have promised these weapons to Netanyahu without any intention to complete the deal in his continuing quest to appease all sides in the Middle East by changing his position depending on his audience.

Whatever the cause, this lack of consistent foreign policy messaging from the administration gives America's allies little reason to trust that any statement on any given day is true or doesn't have an expiration date.


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