Obama Releases Gitmo Prisoners to Taliban

We are having obvious problems in Afghanistan. Last month, the tensions that resulted from the burning of religious materials which “contained extremist messages or inscriptions” were only heightened by President Obama cowering to Karzai.

And while Obama offered apology after apology, at least four Americans were killed by Afghans outraged over the fact that Islamic religious materials had been destroyed by infidels. And now, tensions will rise again because of the U.S. soldier who appears to have gone on a shooting spree in which approximately fifteen Afghan civilians were killed.

It’s like things keep going from bad to worse. And just when we think we’ve seen it all, something else happens that reminds us the worst may be yet to come.

For example, over the weekend, before news of the U.S soldier who appears to have killed Afghan civilians even broke, news outlets were reporting that Obama has agreed to transfer five Guantanamo Bay detainees—Afghans all—to Qatar, in order to allow them to reunite with their families and, hopefully, pacify the Taliban in the process.  It’s as if our leadership loses a bit more backbone every week. And now, the unshakable American spirit we used to project has been swapped for a timid foreign policy that’s tripping over itself to find a way to appease terrorists.

If you think about it, it’s as amazing as it is sickening. In black and white, for the world to read, the Obama administration has broadcast their intention to transfer the detainees as part of an effort “to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table [and] avoid prolonged instability in Afghanistan after foreign combat troops leave the country at the end of 2014.” Our foreign policy begins with the assumption that we are morally inferior to a regime that oppresses women, and we are the ones who must make the first conciliatory move.

And while I’m sure Obama & Co. thought about this, I’m curious to see what they’ll do when the Taliban says “we want five more detainees released” or “we want ten more released and an airplane with $100 million dollars in it.” Once they see our weakness in action, what’s to keep them from upping the ante?

And while I keep looking for the bright side, all I see is grim reality. And that reality tells me we’re one hundred and eighty degrees out of sync with our glory days under Ronald Reagan. We’ve traded his motto of “Peace through Strength” for Woodrow Wilson’s “Peace without Victory,” even though experience teaches us there is no peace without victory.

May God bless our troops in this increasingly difficult situation.


U.S. Prisoner Transfer in Afghanistan


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