Pope's Visit Unleashes a Wave of Terror in Cuba

Not that Cubans don’t live under a constant reign of terror, but according to samizdats recently smuggled out of Cuba, repression has cranked up. Castro’s KGB and STASI- tutored regime is carefully preparing for the Pope’s three-day visit starting on Monday March 26--by pro-actively cracking heads.  

Any unsightly protests would mar the occasion, especially for a regime long-accustomed to preening in front of the international media mirror. And Snow White’s evil stepmother never knew such a trustworthy “mirror-mirror-on-the-wall” as does the Castro regime with its MSM mirror. 

Senator Marco Rubio knows about the sickening shenanigans playing out behind the scenes:  “The [Cuban] Catholic Church has negotiated a political space for themselves in exchange for their moral imperative,” he explained as a panelist at the Heritage Foundation this week. “Last week the [Cuban] Cardinal [Jaime Ortega] invited Castro thugs to come into his church and remove people.”

Some background: last week, 13 Cuban dissidents “occupied” a Cuban Catholic Church. But their demands hardly resembled those of the “Occupiers” of Wall Street and Washington DC (as did their treatment).
Instead, Cuban dissidents learned in advance that the Pope would be chumming it up with their Stalinist oppressors (including Fidel himself) while very diplomatically side-stepping any meeting with themselves. This incensed the dissidents and prompted their desperate occupation of Havana’s Our Lady of Charity church last Thursday. 

Last Friday, Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega summoned the regime’s KGB-trained police who kicked and clubbed the dissidents out of the church, whereupon all were held for “questioning.”  

“Castro’s counterintelligence hasn’t been able to completely penetrate the Catholic movement in Cuba,” reports retired Lieut. Col. Christopher Simmons of the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he specialized in Cuban spycatching. “I’ve just learned that the regime is really worried about any disturbances during the Pope’s three-day visit and their police have cranked everything up, warning the prominent Catholic dissidents known as “Ladies in Whites’--in no uncertain terms--that no demonstrations will be tolerated.”   

None of the left’s premier right-wing villains even approached this brutality when repressing their Catholic religious dissidents. First off, given the mandates of modern-day political theatre, no Pope would have been caught dead visiting with Chile’s Augusto Pinochet (accused of 3000 deaths during an anti-Communist coup), whereas this is the second Papal visit to Castro’s regime (100,000 deaths during a half century of Stalinist rule).   

“I have never seen anything like this,” said Jose Miguel Vivanco, head of the Americas department of Human Rights Watch, as he learned of the Castro regime’s brutality against the Cuban dissidents in the church—and at the behest of a Cuban Cardinal. “This is the result of a Church hierarchy that is obviously subordinated to the Cuban government.”

“It wouldn’t have crossed any Chilean bishop’s mind to call the police,” added Vivanco. “The (Chilean) Church never allowed the state security services to get even close to churches.”

Cuba’s Cardinal, Jaime Ortega views the matter differently. And that will guarantee a “space for himself” inside the regime, indeed.


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